Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes it just feels like you're the last sunshine.

Last night

Henry: (sulking, won't go to bed, kind of sad for no reason)

Me: C'mere, bud. (I sing "You are my sunshine," cuddle him a bit)

Henry: (sighs) Mom, am I your first sunshine?

Me: Sure bud. Addie too.

Henry: Okay, but I'm your first, right? Just me? She's your second?

Me: (making sure Ad's not listening, wanting him to just go to bed) Yeah... you're my first.

Henry: Good, 'cause you're my girl.  (trots off to bed)

One hour later...

Henry: (sobs, hysterical)

Me: What on earth is wrong?

Henry: I just don't know.  I'm just so sad.  It feels like I'm your last sunshine!


  1. hehe. what a cutie. this made me smile. kids say the cutest things.

  2. Are these conversations REAL? You're always posting the most charming little exchanges between you and your kids. They could be greeting cards. If they were greeting cards, I'd buy them for sure.

  3. Heck yeah they're real! I try to write them down when they happen so I don't forget them. :)