Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not a Yosemite post.

Mmm, pizza-y.
Sorry. Not about Yosemite yet.  That's the kind of post that requires some concentration... some ambient music and a locked door so I can lose time without interruption by Monkey 1 or Monkey 2.

It also requires me not to have a stomach-flu-ing daughter for the better part of a day

...and maybe to be not so tired from packing and unpacking the Yosemite goods eighteen hundred times., and me not being a poop.

None of those conditions were in play aujourd'hui, so you will have to wait until tomorrow when I can wake up and start fresh. For today it was enough to eat veggies for lunch, take a hot shower and not stand in ankle deep camping person water (ew!) and to enjoy conveniences like pavement, electricity and an oven.  Don't get me wrong, it was GREAT, but I also like living in 2010.  And I missed my TiVo.

Since I was stuck in the house waiting for Roo to be able hold food in her tum, I decided to make good use of my time by cooking.

Well, "cooking" started off as learning how to make pesto.  It's like I have five days of Googling to catch up on and I couldn't tear myself away from the computer this morning.  So I learned about pesto.  And then I thought, hey, I have all that basil in the I picked it.

And then I thought hey, I have some pecorino romano (basically sheep cheese kinda like parmesan, since E can't eat cow cheeses) so I can make the pesto with that and it will be allergy friendly.  So I did, planning to use it on corn pasta with the chicken I was thawing all day.  Maybe a side of roasted PDawg's world famous Zucchini from the garden... you know, go nuts.

But then I started to think about how I had red potatoes, and how I'd also been wanting to learn how to make pizza crust at home... so more Googling, more learning, then finally the production of pizza dough (EASY!) and the inaugural use of my (ten year old) dough hook for the Kitchen Aid.  It was awesomesauce, BTW.

So I made the dough and topped it with the aforementioned homemade/homegrown sheep-y pesto, topped that with some goat cheddar (odd cheeses abound at my house right now--Meem stocked up on them for her milk-intolerant son to eat in Yosemite), thinly sliced red potatoes, then baked chicken, a little more goat cheddar, and a lil' dried herbs.

Where the magic happens
IT WAS THE BEE'S KNEES, I TELL YOU.  So good. I made two giant ones because we might as well have something in the fridge to reheat this week.

pizza dough

P.S. Everything else was, but the crust was most definitely NOT gluten-free, as I only had real people flour (as opposed to things with rice, garbanzo beans, or guar gum) at home, and not even enough of any one kind of that.  I slapped together a crust out of 2 cups all purpose, 1 cup whole wheat bread and 1 cup unbleached regular bread flours and it was delicious, but unfortunately it was the only part of the meal that was Gluten-free E unfriendly.  But as sometimes happens, he ate it and lived to tell the story.  I didn't have enough energy to be perfect tonight.  I handed him a GF beer in a frosty mug though... doesn't that cancel out the bad thing?

So like I said, I'll start posting about Yosemite tomorrow.


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