Friday, July 02, 2010

Nine. Miles. NINE.


I wrote this post last night, in the hopes that it will inspire me not to back out of my run today if I've already said it on the interwebs... so I'm running today...err... tomorrow. FRIDAY. That's what I mean. NOW.

I always get nervous before running a distance I haven't run in some time. Well actually, I don't think I've ever run 9. I've run 8, and I've run 10. No "just 9." I'M RUNNING NINE MILES. I can barely say it out loud, it sounds so silly. Me. Run. Nine. Seriously, you're laughing, right? Well hopefully as you read this (or sometime in the general vicinity), I'll be making my way down to the edge of town and back; maybe I'll swing by Gram's to use the bathroom and refill the ol' water bottles.

Nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous, nervous, nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvous!

I am not kidding.


I know I can do it. I ran over six the other night. Nine is just a six that had a Venti quad shot latte. Nine is related to six in my color crazies, by the way. 9 = black and 6 = blue, and in my brain those two just work. So maybe that's a good sign.

Hey, on the note of people's brains (MINE) oddly confusing signals, I think I've chosen the next book I'm going to read. It's about A GIRL WHO CAN TASTE PEOPLE'S FEELINGS. Right up my crazy little alley.

Okay, but while you're reading this I'm going to be out on the road trying not to die of failure. True story.

I hope.

You might need to pray for me again. At least this time it's not about me being a bad human.

updated: DONE!


  1. Yay for you! I'm so happy to know that you are going out early before the heat of the day!

  2. You rock! I only aspire to get there, but my little ol' knees can't handle much more than 4 :(

  3. Congrats on running 9 miles!!! No feeling guilty now when your eating the camping snacks!!

  4. Yay for 9!!! Are you training for an upcoming race??

  5. That's GREAT!!
    Hey, I don't know if you have done this or not, but you should write a post of what your "musts" are for running. Like what do you absolutely need every time you run, and what types of clothes/accessories are a must?