Thursday, July 01, 2010

Jammin' 2010

One of the things that makes me simultaneously awesome and really, really simple is that I love to make jam. Every summer I sweat it out in a hot kitchen: washing fruit, peeling fruit, pitting fruit, boiling fruit, and burning myself with fruit... all because there's nothing better than a PB&J (or AB&J, if you're me) with homemade jam on it.  Nothing at all like knowing that the peaches you're chewing up in December came off the tree in your backyard in June.

I've been meaning to post these pics from last week.  Roo helped me for the first time.  I did all the burn-y parts, don't worry.  But I had her do things like rinse peaches and measure sugar.  She was enthralled as she watched me slop peaches from one end of the kitchen to another (from a safe distance, duh).

Naked, unashamed peaches.

For my birthday this year, Gram gave me a new "big girl" food processor.  For three years I've been using a teeny one.  Imagine fitting a whole batch in one jar.  As Huell Howzer would say, "uh-maze-ing!"

Jam is not what you would call a low carb food.
MODERATION, people.  You don't down a jar in one gulp.

The entire thing smells heavenly.  I had some peach puree left so I made a smoothie for me and the monkeys. Eat your heart out, Yamba Yuice.

Cook it, and it turns to stained glass.

Upside down, waiting to pop.

I've already almost given away everything I made in my first batch.  Up next: strawberry, blackberry, apricot, nectarine, and hopefully one more batch of peach.


  1. Omgosh peach heaven!
    Thought I'd let you know, I finally finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
    It got a little better towards about page 350...when things started to actually happen. The ending...well a letdown in my opinion.
    I think what really made reading it slow was the technical terms relating to electronics and computers, and the Swedish names and proper nouns that I just could not pronounce for the life of me.
    If you can get through it, you will enjoy knowing what happened, but I encourage skimming through the boring parts.
    I'm going to attempt the second book in the mom (and her bookclub - so cute) thought the later books were better.