Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to School Supplies

How is it Wednesday already?  I'm telling you, the days are flying right now.  Flying.  I can hear the school bells ringing in the not-too-distant future and I'm starting to get both excited and nervous.  Sounds like another new school year...

I was going to do a post with pictures of all the new supplies I've been stacking up for school... but my camera battery is dead, as is my iPhone... so that bit of fabulousness will have to wait, but I can share with you that I have stacks and stacks of markers, white glue, Kleenex, whiteboard erasers, and posters from the deYoung all piled on my bookshelf to take to work.  I'm really counting on some generous donations from parents of things like paper and print cartridges again this year... there's no way I'm going to be able to afford everything I need for my classroom.  Dear Recession, please end.  Love, Everyone involved with public education.

But let's talk about something more serious than that.  Me and my clothing.

I've been picking up school clothes and shoes for the past few weeks as well.  My dress-for-school theory of the last few years has consisted of well-made dress pants and jeans from Express (home of the comfiest size 8 money can buy) with trendy, cheaptastic tops from the likes of Kohl's or Forever 21.  That way I can wear the same pants for several years but I still feel like I can buy a few new duds before school starts.  I figure if I'm going to spend money on things that are trendy, it better not be a lot since I'll be sick of them by next year.  Anyhoo, I happened on some tops at TJ Maxx while I was visiting the in-laws, and while I was there I managed to score a pair of $7 (clearance) snakeskin wedges.  Whoo to the hoo.  Shoes are something I'm serious about.  Last week as we were suit shopping for E I also found this pair of yellow Kenneth Cole platforms that basically just made my life.  I'm smitten.  Can't you just picture them with red toes a-peepin'? They're currently on display on my dresser, all lined up as back-to-school shoes should be.

You do that too, right?  Line up all your new school stuff like a diorama so you can admire it for the entire month before school starts?  I started when I was about Roo's age and I have to say I still do it sometimes.

I've developed an obsession in the midst of my efforts to be healthy, frugal, and a little more earth friendly. I have an unhealthy love of reusable water bottles (I want to buy them all the time!  I spend hours checking them out at every store that carries them...) and reusable lunch boxes.  I stopped buying bottled water mid-year last year to save money and I can say I don't miss it anymore.  It takes a little bit more planning to bring water with us when we go somewhere (and I have a Brita in my classroom fridge for tea and drinking water), but I'm sure I've saved money and waste.  (Of course we buy/ drink bottled water if we need it, but just not having it at home anymore has been HUGE.)

Bringing my lunch last year was also a really good money-saver and I think it had a lot to do with the change in my eating habits.  Plus if we're being honest, who wants to wait in line with teenagers to buy grade D beef tacos anyway?  So seriously, this little cutie was too good to pass up when I saw it at Home Goods.  It looks like a little purse!  And the color palate... I bought it before the shoes, but it totally goes... so I'm convinced the color scheme of the year is going to be a 70's-chic mustard yellow/brown/baby food-green/orange thing.  I'm more than a little bit excited about my lunch box.  Yay!

I'm not exactly ready to give up my summer yet, but new school supplies, shoes, and a new lunchbox make it a little bit more bearable.  If the #1 reason I became a teacher is summers off, then the #2 reason I became a teacher is Back to School shopping. (Followed closely by #3: writing on the white board.... we all have to have dreams.)

A third-grader at heart

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  1. I LOVE the lunch bag! Oh, and the shoes are to die for too! :-)