Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I need to remember about today:


How excited you were when I agreed to play trains.  That you changed your favorite just so I could be Toby this time.  Your yellow shirt with your undies poking out of too-big sweatpants.  Your imagination.  The smell of crock pot beans and yesterday's rib tips.  Sunshine on the carpet and Hurley licking the window.  Your patience when I couldn't make the track fit.  The quiet of a still house. Your bottom in the air as you searched for James' coal car.  Your explanation of how "steam makes the trains go, Mom."  You, doing voices.  You, having your trains help each other because that's what good people (and trains) do.  Your feet tucked under and your tongue poking out.  You, asking me to tell you about how you used to play trains when you were three.  A "race track around the circus."  You, having "just the thing."  You, loving to spend time with your girl.  The flutter of your eyelashes against my arm.  You, saying "you played with it, you clean up, Mom."  You, amazing me.


  1. Oh, we have Thomas the Train lovers, too! It started with Kenneth, but Shannon loves them as well. My kids play with their trains EVERY DAY. I'm not exaggerating. I used to play with them, too, but now they play with each other. They would probably like it if I did play with them, though. I'm so glad you got to do that!

  2. wonderful post, so cute :)

  3. So effing sweet, it made me tear up! :-) What a special guy you have!