Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pug for a day

Or, How Hurley Scared the Crap Outta Me

"Mommy, why does Hurley look so funny?"

We're on our way to the SPCA to get the last of HDawg's shots so he can play nice with other pooches, and Roo asks me from the back seat why the dog has suddenly developed bumps all over his little 30 pound body. I have no idea, as we left the house less than ten minutes ago, but I had just been petting him under his chin and felt something like spider bites.

"I don't know, Ad. Was he acting funny when he was sitting with you?"

"No, but I just noticed... he doesn't look right, Mommy." I notice wheeze-snorts coming from his snout.

Since we're closer to the SPCA than the vet (which is in the other direction) I keep going, but I call the vet. I'm starting to freak out. His jowls are so swollen he can't close his mouth, and he starting to sound like a pug. His left eye is almost closed.

The vet immediately says it's an allergic reaction, and since I tell her where I am she says to go in and see if they can help me. Nope. What they can do is look at me and my swollen puppy like we're freaks and tell me to go see a vet asap. Thanks, jerks.

Back into the car we go and back on the road. It takes a good fifteen minutes to get to the vet because we're behind every GD taco truck in South Sac. We get there and it takes forever. Puffyface McGee has gone from bad to worse, and he has developed hives all over his body. He looks like he got in a bad boxing match and he has the chicken pox.

The kids are freaking out and I'm doing my best to pretend I'm not about to blow like Eyjafjallajokull. Tears were welling up like you wouldn't believe. I'm pretty good at pretending I'm okay now, but if I let myself think about how we lost Gus and Cal and how devastating that was to us, I can easily be in hysterics within seconds. It's still so sad and so painful. I know it makes no sense at all, but today touched on that for me. Not to go too Scarlett O'Hara on you, but as God is my witness, I will not let another dog die. Not right now, if I can help it. I can't put my kids through that again, and I saw swelling and immediately thought death. Fear is a strange beast. I know I can't prevent anything from happening, but I'm terrified of it coming too soon again.

Anyway, we finally see the vet and Hurley's fine. My ridiculous fears, ridiculous. He's got a bee sting to the face and so he needs shots of Benadryl and Cortisone. Within minutes, he's back to looking Boxer-like, rather than Pug-a-licious. He can breathe fine again. He rides home curled up on the front seat and even wags his little stumpy tail a little. As I type, he's stretched out next to me on the couch enjoying a Mr. B nap.

Pic I took so I could show E what was going on. Poor guy. His whole snout was flared out and poofed.

At the vet, waiting. Not so happy to be there. At this point I was adding up the collective balances of our savings, checking, and credit card accounts to try to figure out where the magical money is going to come from to save him from what I was sure was a mystery disease. (Side note: I might be watching too much House.)

Roo was so worried. Little Dr. Doolittle Roo. She was glad to see him okay after his shot.

At home, resting. His eye is still kinda swollen, see?

Darn pet. See that little paw right there? He's got me wrapped right around it.


  1. Oh that is so scary!! My dog has me wrapped around his little paw too! They are just too cute not to love!

  2. Oh poor Hurley dog! Years ago I had a Shar Pei named Harley who got bit by a spider and he swelled up like that too. I was completely freaked out! I'm so glad Hurley is okay!

  3. You should see what my PUG looks like when he swells. His face DISAPPEARS.

    Last fall, shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, Cubbie went in for his usual round of shots. About four days after the shots, his face ballooned. Of course when I brought him back to the vet they told me it was a hot spot that had spread across his entire face.


    It was an allergic reaction to his shots. I'm convinced of it. My pug gets hot spots on his BODY, sure. BUT COVERING HIS ENTIRE FACE? This looked nothing like a hot spot. It looked absolutely like an allergic reaction to the bazillion injections he received four days prior.

    Of course my vet charged me $100 for the visit and the treatment after having paid almost $300 for the previous visit.

    AGGGHH. Is your vet this expensive? Or am I the only one who gets ripped off every where I go? Vet. Dentist. Doctor.