Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's different after today.

There are milestones in life that pass--you know that they're supposed to be important as you wait around for them to show up, but when they come they don't actually bring some new perspective on the world.  The change, you start to notice, comes over time and after the day occurs.  While the day itself feels most recognizably like any other day in your life, the little voice in your mind is telling you to pay attention because you've crossed a boundary.  You're charting new territory.  Those first few steps at the trail head don't seem that adventurous when you can still see your car behind you.  It's not until you get around a bend that you realize you've taken yourself far away from something that you used to be.

Today is one of those days.  It's the first steps on a new path; I don't mean to undermine what an individual achievement this is for E, but it's also a walk in a new direction for us as a family.  E was sworn in today as an attorney in the state of California.  My little nerd heart filled with pride as the judges spoke before the ceremony about civic duty, integrity, and obligation to one's community.  They asked family members to come down front to photograph the oath (I was shocked) so I was able to get the whole thing on tape.   Good thing, I was so dorked out with pride and an unrealistically romantic view of the legal system that I didn't remember how it went until I watched what I taped.

So as I said, I cried like a total dweeb while I taped this.  I was overcome with the relief and celebration of the moment, exactly as I was at E's law school graduation.  I'm so proud of him.  Law school wasn't easy and he didn't really find himself until a while after he took his last exam.  The bar was a challenge, and he met that challenge, but he also managed to repair a broken marriage with me and remain the best possible father he could ever be to those two monkeys.  He didn't give up, and there were more reasons to do so than we could ever tell you.

E spoke this past weekend at his party about how many people helped him through this accomplishment--how many kind souls we have in our lives who helped us through what was the most difficult thing he's ever done.  He's right, but he can totally high five himself over this one too.  This is a big deal.  He's a big deal.  I was so struck by the sense of responsibility the judges wanted to pass on to the new lawyers--the respect for the profession and the welcoming spirit that they showed to these (surely) terrified newbies.  I wish we had something like that in teaching--instead you're lucky if you can find a stapler and a pair of scissors your first year and everyone older than you kind of looks at you like "good luck, punk."  This was such a kind ceremony of bestowing new respect.

It.  Was.  AWESOME.

Good job, E.  Love you.


  1. Special moment! I'm proud of him too. :) I thought his thank you this weekend was very sweet and thoughtful. It's fun knowing someone since the age of 15 and seeing them grow up and acheive major accomplishments. You guys just keep on getting better. Give him a high five for me too!

  2. Yay E! Congratulations!! What a great day for you and your family. :-) And how awesome that your kids got to see the ceremony!

  3. You know what's even nerdier than you crying? Me crying b/c I'm so happy that he finished and that this chapter in your lives is finished and a new one is beginning. I am looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things that are coming to you and your family very soon! BTW, the picture of the fam looking all happy and adorable added a few extra tears of joy too! Love you! Congratulations E!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to both of you! So happy for you guys that everything is on track and finally everything is going your way!