Thursday, June 17, 2010

In case you needed more evidence that I am a complete dork:

(and I believe this qualifies me for Parent of the Year, classroom mom division)

I'm napping yesterday afternoon. Telephone rings.

Me: (disoriented, reaching for the cordless next to my bed) Hell-- (cordless dies). Crap. (sprinting down the hall)

Telephone continues to ring. Answering machine picks up.

Familiar voice from the kitchen: ...for tomorrow... wanted to remind you... awards... 8:30 AM, since she's getting an award, I think you'll want to be there...

Me: (picking up the phone, frustrated that Addie's standing there hearing that she's getting an award, copping some serious 'tude to what I think is my mother, ruining the surprise) MOM! She can totally hear you, you know. She's sitting right here listening to your message.

Awkward pause. Two awkward pauses. Fourteen awkward pauses.

Me: (realizing) Oh--God. (wanting desperately to take it back) You're not my mom. This is Ms. Caldero, isn't it? (mortified) I am so sorry! Oh God.

Ms. C: (laughing) No... I mean, yes, I didn't get the letters until after the kids left today--I just wanted to call to let you know about the award ceremony tomorrow...

Me: (Wanting to crawl into a hole and die) Oh God. Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I thought you were my mom. I was asleep... I thought... I'm so sorry.

Ms. C: No problem... (laughing again) so we'll see you tomorrow?

Me: Yes. We'll be there.


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