Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ice cream, soda, cherry on top...

...who's your boyfriend, I forgot?

Fact I did not consider until Miss Ad was twirling a rope and belting it out: my daughter is old enough to know jump rope rhymes and say words like "boyfriend." *gulp*

Back from field day. Just FYI, I jumped until P. Roo decided that was P for Mr. P, so we were fine. She was a little bit hurt I didn't stop jumping at E, but I had something to prove... to second graders.

"Steal the bacon? Cool. Do you think if we steal the bacon, we get to eat it?"

Ready, set...

Letting the little broseph jump in there to play "aerobic bowling." These monkeys are so nice to each other, it almost ain't right.

I never realize how old my kids are until I see them with other kids. At home we're just in this state of perpetual habit. When I see Addie running around acting like an almost third grader with almost third graders, it freaks me out. In a good way, but it freaks me out.

Know what? It also makes me so proud. She doesn't act like most of those rude weirdos. It's cool to see her being kind and using manners even when she thinks I'm not looking. What a Roo.

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