Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to be Awesome, Thursday edition.

Today I made four trips to Addie's school. Four. That's lunacy. It's retardedness. It's a waste of fracking gasoline and nap time, that's what it is. It's not even worth going through all of it, but Addie did some stuff and then Henry forgot some stuff and then in between I had to drive Cinderella's punkin so she could go to and fro. Just... ehhh...

I almost killed my son today over a white Nintendo DSi (translation for late '70's/early '80's kids: Gameboy) which he thought he left at school when we went to see Ad (first time). Only he didn't really know if he left it, because he didn't really know if he brought it into the house and he didn't really know if he left it in the car and he couldn't really remember if he even had it when he walked out of the multipurpose room. Jesus. So we had to go back, and now I'm doing what I didn't want to do which was make a post about all the BS reasons I had to drive around today. Long story short, we found it and THANK GOD it wasn't another Lucky Puppy saga, because my nerves can't take it anymore. And by nerves, I mean guilty conscience.

You know, sometimes a 4 mile run can take an hour and be a fraction of my day and sometimes a 4 mile run can take an hour and be still manage to be everything my entire day is about. Sure, there was a little greyish-brown eye peeking around my door frame when I was about 2.4 miles in, and sure I could tell he was crying. So sure I hopped off the treadmill in order to assuage fears/hysteria. Somebody just apparently realized (two weeks later) that he volunteered his plastic Thomas train sets for the garage sale and they might be in another little boy's home. FEAR NOT, good citizens. I'll tell you what I told him. Thomas et al reside in the garage, as I was lazy forward thinking enough not to do anything with them yet. All was well in Henry World, so I finished the run but suddenly my entire day had vanished and it was lunch time. Then it was pickup Roo time and oh my God, P, Yeesh... with the listing of the driving... *sigh* Anyhoo, my entire day? Poof. Gone, and all I accomplished was that pitiful little run.

I did some stuff. But nothing where you're going to be like wow, holy S, P. I suppose it's still an improvement over the last two days, when E's come home and taken a look around and been all, what did you do all day and I'm all *shrug*. So I take that run and the seven hours it took me to both work up to it and do it and then think real hard about it, but geez.

Addie's stuff was great. She received three awards in the morning, mostly for being awesome and I was so proud. I'd show you the pictures, but I forgot my camera so all I had was the iPhone and they're crummy.

Okay, just one.

Side ponytail? Check. Oversized pink Spongebob shirt? Check. Winning awards for citizenship, grades, and kindness? Check, check, check.

Tonight Roo had a singing thing so we were back for that and I remembered to bring my camera but I... wait for it... forgot my Flip. So in case you're keeping score, that means I have 8,345,654,235 videos of the dog and my husband flipping off the camera and like, three of my children. I'll leave you to your own conclusions about my actions. Oh, and did I mention that my little younger-than-her-classmates-and-thus-inherently-shorter Roo was assigned to the back row during the aforementioned singing thing? So here's what I could see the whole time:

What's that? You don't see Addie?
Huh. Funny. Me neither.

No matter. Kids were cute and they belted out those Schoolhouse Rock songs, especially Homegirl in the orange shirt in the front. Total Lea Michele Mini Me. (You know I wished they did I'm Just a Bill, but The Preamble was pretty clutch too.)

Don't worry. I got a few pics of Roo. Like this:

What a cutie patootie.

And for the record, I'd like to just say I've never seen the likes of the awkwardness that was the "conductor" of this singing program. As a trained dancer, I was repulsed by the convulsive movement I saw coming out of that body, but it was one of those things where I couldn't look away. Oh God, I'm horrible. I need an attitude adjustment. At least I didn't take a picture. I wanted to so bad... oh, I wanted to.

You might want to pray for my soul. Lil' bit.

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  1. Ah haha! I'll pray for yours if you'll pray for mine because I would have taken the picture!!