Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Rib Day

What? Your family doesn't celebrate its dads with a smoked and grilled meat contest? Oh.

Team P is hard at work over here on our first ever entry into the annual Kynaston family Fathers' Day Rib Cook-off. I'm the self appointed Sauce and Spice Diva. E is working his magic on the smoker. The monkeys are helping by interrupting every five minutes to ask if they can have a glass of milk/play Wii/please have somebody help them find that missing Lego.

Just for fun, I thought I'd share my Gpa's hilarious email with you about the contest. As you'll see, this is serious business in our family. There are, like, rules and we, you know, use military time. If that doesn't say official, I don't know what does. Anyway, enjoy this email from Gpa Ed.

To whom that should be concerned,

We're pleased to announce the International Rib Burners Society has granted us permission and sanction to hold our Father's Day Rib Cook Off at "Kynaston's On The Creek," Elk Grove, CA on Sunday June 20th. Participant pre-event activities and registration will begin at 1600 hrs. Judging will begin with the close of registration by 1700 hrs. Entrants for the competition arriving after that time will be permitted to leave their food but be disqualified from grand prize competition. Additionally all participants are encouraged to bring salad or dessert entries which will also be judged (consumed), however no trophy will be awarded for those items. It is requested that entrants and spectators advise the society what they will be bringing to avoid duplication and assure adequate other foods are available. This is necessary should some of the competition entries prove to be inedible. Liquid refreshments will be provided by the host organization.

As this year's cook off has international sanction, the following new rules will be in effect:

1. No barbecued items purchased at retail stores or prepared by other than an entrant, will be allowed.

2. Rubs, sauce or condiments not prepared by an entrant (including Chris and Pitts) will be allowed.

3.Winning ribs from last years competition (frozen and reheated with new sauce or old), will not be allowed.

4. In judging each family (household) will be allowed one vote for ribs prepared by any member of their family. However, each person in a family may vote one time for an entry by a person not in their household.

Please also advise the Host if you will attend this years event either as a participant, Judge or just a consuming spectator.

Thank you and good burning,

From the Management and staff of "Kynaston's On The Creek"

Happy Father's Day and Merry Ribbing to you!

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