Thursday, May 06, 2010

This is how you do yogurt WRONG:

Seriously, though? This kid had peanut butter, mint, and chocolate yogurt with rainbow sprinkles and peanut butter chips, topped with caramel. All of that, he stirred together. Barf.

Yo Henry, I'm real happy for you, and Imma let you finish,
but PDawg had the best yogurt of all time.

Yogurt done properly.

At least he's cute. It will get him far in life, just like his father.
(Fun details: Roo and my mom in the background, Henry's allergy eyes)

And guess what? Tonight I made bread. My bread machine shenanigans have given me a little burst of confidence, so I decided to try the No Knead Bread from the NY Times. Bread with no machine. I know, welcome to 2006, P. Or truthfully, 64 A.D. (I'm so retro.) There's a great explanation of the recipe on Steamy Kitchen, as well.

Verdict: success! Flaky ("shattering" is the word many sites use) crust, big, bubbly soft insides (oh Lord, I don't have a handle on the yeasty jargon). Great bread. I just ate two gigantic pieces in bed while Hurley and I watch RHONY. Hurley is very pro-Jill. I don't understand it at all. E's out at the Wrangler with a friend from HS, trying to get confirmation that Thursday is the new Friday. I kid, I kid. It is, except for crabby English teachers who are in bed with half a loaf of bread and a snugly puppy by 9:00. Nerd alert.

I decided it was way too "Liz Lemon" of me to post a pic of the bread that showed any bits of my bedspread
I needed some light so I could get a good pic, so I leaned over the nightstand to get a good shot of the amazingness that is my bread. Unfortunately, I also captured the pile of bobby pins and the fact that my yay me birthday manicure looks pretty sad. Oh well. Can't hide my inner LL.

Bow down before the awesome that is my bread.

Bow, I said. And maybe let's get a slow clap going for E, who GOT A PROMOTION TODAY. Heck yeah.

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  1. Is that Henry or E in that last photo? Holy spittin' image!