Sunday, May 02, 2010

New Flip Camera

Of course I'm following the kids and dog around like a crazy person. The kids don't seem to want to do much yet. Just some dancing. But here's a little bit of Hurley dog. I thought you might enjoy his giant puppy feet and legs.

Watch for the puppy head tilt when he listens to my voice on the iPhone. I love the puppy head tilt. And please excuse my AWFUL puppy talk. Ew.

(Side note: the thumbnail that Youtube chose is an unfortunate shot of Hurley's backside. I apologize for that too. The video is not weird, though. I changed it, but it says it will take up to 6 hours to reflect the change. Awkward.)


  1. He is so cute. He reminds me of my little doggy when he was young...I love it!! And I also love the little head tilt...our dog does that all the time!