Monday, May 17, 2010

The last half mile

When I ran my first (and only!) half marathon, the toughest part was about the last half a mile--I wasn't close enough to sprint, but I could see the finish line and I was spent. The same thing is starting to happen when I continuously run the same route in my neighborhood. The last half a mile is torture and I'm a total baby about it. The motivational speech I play in my mind that keeps me running just doesn't cut it through the end.

I realized this morning that the end of the school year is the same way. I'm always in a funk at the end of the year and I think it's the same phenomenon. Only instead of being surrounded by peppy supporters, I'm surrounded by about 180 people who feel that same fatigue. Oh, and my students, who basically wanted to be done with school before they ever started. I can feel the weight dragging me down.

Add painful budget cuts this year, layoffs, program cuts, bad moods, tension, awkwardness--seniors who are barely graduating--and you've got a recipe for misery. I just want to sit down and quit.

Only seven more days. Tomorrow night I'm doing (informational) picketing and attending a School Board meeting in support of teachers, students, and families in our district. I'm still holding on to a shred of hope that our board is going to do right by students and the people who give their lives to educating them.

Only seven more days.



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  2. I hope the informational picketing goes well and the board actually listens at the meeting tomorrow. I was heartbroken when I heard the news today, I spend 98% of my high school career in that department, and I know for a fact I would not be where I am today with out it =(

  3. @Patty--the picketing is actually for the entire teachers' union. The problems are much more widespread than just the Ag department. About half of the schools in the district will have no dance teacher... every department is losing teachers and MANY elementary teachers were laid off. It's just a bad time, plus there's a move to cap the district's healthcare contributions permanently. It's going to be an interesting night.

  4. I would KILL to have a job with summers off. In fact, I was just thinking about it today with Memorial Day coming up I have advanced deadlines. Holidays are awful in the newspaper biz. It's like you work like a dog the week before to meet early deadlines only to get one day "off." Granted, I'm lucky I get to work from home. Most people would kill for my work set-up, so I shouldn't complain. It's just ... a whole summer ... with nothing hanging over my head ... sounds ... heavenly.

    Seven more days. You can do it. I hope you snap out of your funk. Question: how many miles are you running through your neighborhood? I found I was slipping into a similar running coma, and then I started listening to my iPod on shuffle. It turns out I was just totally bored with my playlist.

  5. I'm feeling it too. I'm worried about my kids being educated in a district where it's all take and no give, worried for my teacher friends who have been laid off and reduced, worried for my family since I've been reduced. The whole thing stinks. :-(