Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeling a little day-yown.

Paula Deen is twanging away on the TV right now, and for some reason that completely escapes me, she's heaping grits [griy-yits] into a martini glass. This seems like a waste of a perfectly good martini glass, if you ask me (not that you did--lemon drops, anyone?). I'm not paying careful attention, but the "y'alls" and "wee lil' bits" and "Bubba"s are floating out of the speaker comfortingly as I wait for Facebook to do something already because I'm so bored. I might as well be in Paula's world where words like down [day-yown] have an extra syllable.

Today was a day to feel taciturn and small, a day to marinate myself in the quiet lamentations of A Fine Frenzy on Pandora. It's a good thing that dancers and writers are allowed to be angsty, or you might worry about me if you saw my Pandora account (brimming with the aforementioned guitar-backed breakup music, David Gray, and CCR). Today was what E would call a "whiny girl music" day. I'm beat. This weekend was great, but it wasn't relaxing. I already needed a nap at about 6:35 this morning. It wouldn't have taken much to push me into that sleepy space; it's raining outside like it's February, so I didn't stand a chance.

I left work feeling generally depressed that I was coming home to a frat house that I still needed to clean. I've been playing this evil game with E where I don't do the dishes because he doesn't do the dishes, so nobody does the dishes. Our house has been disgusting pretty much nonstop since we got back from Hawaii. There are plenty of reasons I could list for you, but suffice it to say that nobody was going to budge. The thing is that I hate when the house is gross because it makes me less productive in other areas of life. I don't want to do anything--cook, exercise, work, write, eat, or create--if the house is messy. So I've just been not cleaning, but feeling like crap because I'm doing none of the things that make life awesome.

When I picked up Roo and brought her home, I discovered that E's mom, Meem, cleaned our entire kitchen. It must have taken her all day. I think every dish in our arsenal was in the sink in a raunchy pile of yuck. It really had to have taken hours for her to wash them all.

I almost cried.


  1. Funny about the grits in martini glasses: my good friend is getting married in a month and I inquired about the food at her reception (cuz I love food) and she is having what she calls a "mashed potato martini bar." Apparently you put mashed potatoes in a martini glass and they have all sorts of different toppings to add to it. Different.. but odd :)

  2. I am so anal about keeping things tidy for all the various reasons you mentioned above. It makes my mind feel like cluttered. I accomplish more ... or I feel like I've cleared enough space to accomplish more. The dishes are one of those things that I try not to get away from me. If there's a pile in the sink, I'll always do them before I go to bed.

    Generally, if I've cooked, Joe cleans and vice versa. This is not ALWAYS the case and you've had many dish standoffs because of it.

    Your dish standoff reminds me of a story my sister-in-law told me recently about a heaping pile of dirty silverware her husband refused to wash for almost three weeks. She of course refused to wash it because he is currently unemployed and she goes off to work every day, so who should do the dishes?

    Right. So, he did the dishes every so often. The plates and the bowls. The cups, etc. But NEVER the silverware and at this point they can't even eat dinner without rinsing off a dirty fork first. She'd come home from work and he'd boast about how he'd "done the dishes" while she was gone, and still the silverware was untouched. She finally just blew her lid and scrubbed the dirty utensils herself. It did not go over well.

    Also: why is it when boys clean they feel the need to tell you, like they're so PROUD of this accomplishment? US women just DO IT.

    Gooooood morning!

  3. you've had = "we've had" in the second paragraph. :)

  4. We call the cleaning wars "Mexican Stand-offs" in our house. I usually lose because I just can't function in a cluttered, dirty space and I live with 4 males who think it's perfectly okay to live that way. :-(