Friday, May 07, 2010

Cost-benefit analysis

Henry: Mom, you know... um, Mimi never gets mad at me. [Mimi=E's mom]

Me: Well bud, that's because she spoils you and you get what you want all the time. So why would she ever be mad at you?

Henry: Well YOU get mad at me all the time... and I don't really like it so much.

Me: Dude. It's my job to get mad at you when you act like a bad kid. Do you act like the bad kid sometimes?

Henry: Yeah.

Me: You like it, huh? Being bad sometimes?

Henry: [Grinning] Yeah. I do. Sometimes I just don't want to get ready for school so I make everyone late.

Me: I'll make you a deal. I'll stop being mad at you... if you stop being bad. What do you think about that? Can you just be done being bad now and I'll stop getting mad at you?

[long pause]

Henry: Mom, that's kind of a tough decision.


  1. Awesome.. and now every time you get mad at him you can now remind him of this conversation and how he CHOSE the path that leads to you getting mad :)

  2. hahahahaha, kids say the darndest things! this is too cute.