Monday, April 12, 2010

A-Z 2.0

Alright, I thought that A-Z survey everybody's been doing could use a little pizzazing. *jazz hands* So I made my own categories... feel free to do the A-Z 2.0 and leave me a link so I can check out your answers.

A -Appointment TV in your house: LOST, Fatties, Community, 30 Rock, and currently, The Pacific.

B - Best meal someone ever cooked for you: Not a specific meal, but E's grilled fish. He's got it down to a science--perfectly cooked with a slight crust on the outside, but moist and flaky on the inside. Sorry, E. I know you hate that word, "moist."

C - Canned veggies, frozen, or fresh?: Fresh, fresh, fresh. Preferably from my garden or a farmer's market. I get all excited when I have a fridge full of fresh veggies because I know I can get creative with my cooking.

D - Dad's influence in your life: An interest in history, law, writing, and being serious. Along with that last one comes a definitive forehead wrinkle between my eyebrows, my thought lines.

E - Eating philosophies: Don't get hungry. Eat all the time. My philosophy has changed a lot in the last few years to include way fewer processed foods and more fresh fruits and veggies. I always liked them, but I'd never reach for one for a snack. I'm a lot more balanced since we learned about all of E's food allergies, and I also probably eat way less wheat.

F - Flower you love to receive: Purple tulips.

G - Good old movie you'd recommend: The Long, Hot Summer (Newman!)

H - Heaven for you is: A spa treatment, a nap, a soft pretzel, a piece of chocolate cake with white icing, a warm summer night, a cold beer, and a long hug.

I - Ice cream flavor that rocks your socks: Cookie Dough or Mint Chip

J - Your jam (bread topper and on the radio): Homemade strawberry and Brown Eyed Girl

K - Kids that do this crack you up: Kids dancing when they think nobody is looking make me so weak.

L - Your legacy: My writing, hopefully. Even if this ol' blog is all I ever do, it's a pretty good record of my life.

M - Most Friday nights, you're typically: in my sweats by 4:00 PM, catching up on The Soup and What Not to Wear, plus whatever TiVo I didn't get to during the week. And then I'm generally in bed by 10:00. Party animal!

N- Nightly habits: Getting into bed early, checking Facebook one more time, switching the TV to Martha Stewart and dozing off

O - On your kitchen counter: Kitchen Aid Mixer, Cuisinart Blender, Breadmaker, Banana stand, bowl of onions and garlic, fruit bowl, food scale.

P - You're protective about: My parenting choices and my right to do what I think is best for the monkeys.

Q - Question you have for the universe: What is on the other side of your belly button? I've had answers to this, but none of them are satisfying. I think someday I need to see it. Or a picture of it.

R - Running, biking, walking, or driving?: Running, preferably on a sunny morning in the park.

S - Spa treatment: ANY! I'm an addict!

T - Talent you use to freak people out: Hyper-extending elbows! They go backwards and they look super gross.

U- Under your bed, we'd find: Dust bunnies and a missing shoe or two, plus the electric blanket cord.

V - Vampires, your opinion?: Retarded. Stop reading about a glittering "veggie" vampire guy who acts alternately like a 16 year old girl and a total creeper. Or at least stop acting like it's the best thing you ever read. That just means you haven't read anything good. Or maybe just stop talking about it so dang much. Those novels are for 12 year olds, anyway. The fact that you're an adult and you're wearing a Team Edward shirt makes you look like a tool. You might as well have on a Babysitter's Club T-shirt. Claudia was the ish. Or why not Ralph S. Mouse? That book was amazeballs. TEAM RALPH FTW.

W - What you would tell your 16 year old self: Ease up and relax a little. Ditch school just once, because you'll regret it if you don't. But be proud of who you are, because you're going to turn out okay.

X - Extreme for you is: Spending a lot of money on a TV at Costco without breaking into tears.

Y - You'd relive this moment from your life if you could: Dancing in Swan Lake, especially the end when things get all messed up and dramatic.

Z - Zodiac sign--true or crap?: Hmm. I'm inclined to say crap, but sometimes the descriptions for Taurus ring pretty true. I'm going to go with crap, but with the understanding that sometimes I like to peek at them just to see what vaguely-worded crap aligns with my life that particular month.


  1. Have to comment on the zodiac sign.. Someone once said to me "With how much order God already has in the universe, doesn't it make sense that he could have ordered our key personality traits by when we were born?" Made sense to me.. however, the whole prediction/daily horoscope is a bunch of crap :)

  2. Well, it took me a while, but I finally finished!

  3. It took me a while, but here is my version ...