Monday, April 19, 2010

Wait, I have a blog?

Question: Where have I been?

Answer: I dunno.

I'm sick. I'm grumpy. I hate everything. For like three days. I'm pretty sure I have PMS, a fact that seems to escape nobody but me. My grades are due this Friday and the stack of essays on my desk keeps replenishing itself as fast as I can grade them and toss them back at my AP kids.

I just didn't feel like writing. The other thing is that (for me) when I have some really big, lock myself in a room and think real hard post, I don't feel like I can waste the next post on something like PMS or toenails. The juxtaposition of deep and ordinary just gives me hives sometimes.

And then I'll go write a post about why I haven't written anything, breaking my own ridonkulous silence so I can wander into the banal all over again. Weak sauce.

I'm just in a funk. I've been sick as a dog since Saturday and if you ask me, there's something unnatural about sickness that coincides with sunny, beautiful weather. It just ain't right. Of course I'll be fine tomorrow and California will be back to having February right in the middle of April again.

I got a massage on Saturday because I had some restless crazies and the massage didn't even fix it. Turns out the crazies were a special cocktail of hormones and phlegm that my body cooked up just to screw with me. Plus it was one of those reflexology massages and it made me cry big tears into my face doughnut. For serious. I'm pretty sure she was trying to separate my shoulder blades from my body. I felt like a chicken being de-boned. Ouchie. I'm totally sore and--I'm sure--bruised.

So I have abso-ruten-tootenly nothing to write about because I don't even want to be writing. I made some enchiladas last night because I had chicken in the fridge and it was staring me down. (De-boned, if you're wondering.) Basically my whole world right now is about watching the clock so I can put those enchis in the oven and be one step closer to peace. Well, I think peace might be a little wistful at this point.

Here's lookin' forward to cheesy mediocrity. Cheers.


  1. I feel ya. I was thinking chicken enchiladas tomorrow for dinner.. but I think it's chile verde time ;)

  2. Ya I know about the whole not knowing what exactly to blog about thang.... Didja read my last blog?? Oy! It was the easiest and most concise way of showing my current situation/feelings. I totally get your feelings!!! I'd really love to have you over here this summer!! We'd have plenty to blog about too!!!! Sorry u were sick :-(

  3. Your juxtaposition of deep and ordinary is why I like you.
    Drop your essays off at my house. I have a red pen and some leftover AP English issues I'd love to work out over some light grading. I'm a journalism major...close enough, right?

  4. My advice is simple: if you don't feel like writing. Don't write. Do something else. Shit, don't do anything at all. I only force myself to write when I'm tasked with a paying assignment. It's why my blog sometimes only gets updated once a week.

    You shouldn't feel guilty. I'd venture a guess that you're more productive than 96% of the U.S. population.

    I hope your enchiladas were delish and that your day/night got better.

    What lies between the juxtaposition of deep and ordinary is LIFE. :)

  5. yay! a post from p-dawg. i was missing your great words and musings on everything. :-) good luck with the grading thing.