Tuesday, April 13, 2010

See PDawg Remember

I soaked a bag of fresh spinach in the sink tonight and I had a flashback to working at Plantation Coffee Roasters in college. I'd forgotten that we used to wash the lettuce that way in the giant industrial sink and then let it dry on layers of paper towels. Poor man's salad spinner. I had to take a spinach-washing time out tonight because my post run Green Monster tasted a little too mineral rich, i.e. my careless rinse of the spinach wasn't so good and I ended up with a dirt flavored smoothie. Ew.

So I went for a run tonight. Glory be. Wanna know something veerd? I didn't realize this until AFTER my run tonight, but exactly one year ago was when I laced up my sneakers, put on my big girl panties and took my first serious run. It was a sorry-ass excuse for a run, too, but it set me in the right direction. Even though today I was a little rusty, it was nothing like that first day when I couldn't run a half mile without having to stop.
That day, I wrote:
I'm making myself blog about this because I want to see how long it lasts. I know if I feel like I have to get online and post "I ran today" I will be more likely to do it, because I'm an attention whore. Or because I'm honest. I'm not sure which. Maybe both. For now, I feel proud of myself for my 20 minutes of health.

I ran for 20 minutes that day and I didn't map it but I'm sure I ran about 1.5 miles. Today I was out for a little over 30 and I ran a 5K. BEAST MODE. I'm happy that it's still in my life a year later.

I had a hard time zoning out tonight--such a short run, but also just not used to it yet--but I did think about this for a while: Things I remember, and things I forgot. Forgotten things first.

I forgot:

1) How to breathe. Major back of throat pain.
2) Thigh chafing when you haven't built up any tough skin. Ouchie.
3) To wear my sunglasses. GEAR FAIL.
4) How nice it is outside at night in my neighborhood.

I remembered:

1) How to find my rhythm and keep my posture
2) How to run smoothly so it didn't hurt my tendonitis
3) That cheesy early 90's hip hop makes for fun running
4) That chapstick is my best friend when I run
5) That I HATE waiting at traffic lights

Good day. +1, P. Hurley is unimpressed; he's sleeping on the couch next to me. At least he smells like strawberries. Well, strawberries and dog. I washed him with the kids strawberry baby shampoo since he had a poop-tastic good time in the kids bathroom all day while I was at work. No permanent solution to the monkey dog problem with his outdoor pen, so I had to leave him confined inside. This necessitated the bleaching of the tile floor and the strawberrying of the dog.

I'm exhausted today! I didn't have a tough day at work, but I rehearsed through lunch (rather than my typical activity of choice, locking the door and chillin' on my couch in my classroom) then I had to grocery shop. I know, poor me. I just felt like I had to leave work and then go do grocery work, then come home and do kitchen work, then do more kitchen work cleaning up the dinner stuff, then do dog washing and floor bleaching work and THEN pack lunches. Somebody call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaah-mbulance, I know. I've just got a case of the whiny whines. Thanks for being such champs about it, blog friends.

Okay, nerds. I have some serious Tuesday night TV to watch. Peace out.


  1. I'm so impressed with your running, especially after you've been running around all day. I haven't figured out how to make regular exercise part of my life and I know I should. I'm too scared to blog about it because I'll get a bunch of suggestions I don't really want to take. You're setting a good example.

  2. Wow, I am super impressed with your running...you can just nonchalantly say "I ran a 5K"...eppps! I can do a mean 30 mins on my stair master but probably couldn't even run 10 squares of sidewalk let alone MILES :) Bet it felt good to get back out there!

  3. Cheesy early 90's hip hop is where it's at, eh?

    I must start downloading. What are your top five recommendations?