Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second Dinner

Anybody else do this? We ate a healthy dinner at 6:00 and I thought I was done. Of course tonight is like any other night, so about 9:00 I got a hankerin' for a small smackerel. I get so snacky!

It's upside down, but here's what I ate. I typically eat this kind of thing, late at night. Tonight I went a little nuts: hard boiled egg, salami, crackers, laughing cow light cheese, lowfat Swiss cheese, carrots, cherry tomatoes, hummus, and pickle. Normally it would be three or four of those things, but I was ravenous after my run. My little snack turned into a full blown second dinner. Oops.

Oink, oink! I'm beyond help.

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  1. I'd cut a bitch to get my hands on some Laughing Cow cheese right about now.