Thursday, April 29, 2010

Parent of the year

Hi Henry. I know you're going to read this when you're 18 and contemplating therapy. I didn't mean it. I really didn't.

They're not going to be handing me any awards for parenting anytime soon. But then I thought for sure they were going to revoke my parent card when I drove a two day-old Addie to her first doctor appointment, parked, and turned around in horror to discover that her infant car seat wasn't secured tightly and she had tilted to about a 47 degree angle (though she was still buckled in). There she slept, angelically, strapped in like she was about to go for a roller coaster ride--one of those ones where you dangle over something. Thank God for seat belts and the passing of time that helps us forget just how horrible we feel. Thank God she wasn't old enough to remember that or read something into it.

I'm waiting for time to pass on this one. Henry has calmed down, but this one is going to stick with me for a while. I'm such an idiot.

Today when we got home I told the kids to hurry and come in the house--I was going to run out back and check on Hurley and water the garden. Henry has been taking longer to get out of the car than a comatose tortise, so I've been going in the house and leaving the front door open for him to come in when he's ready.  It makes me nutso to stand there and watch him stall.  He's fully capable of unbuckling, grabbing his backpack, and getting in the front door. Roo's faster, but she was out there with him so I didn't think much of it.

I went out back, tried (ineffectually) to get Hurley to pee before I brought him in the house, and checked my burgeoning garden. When I walked past the screen, I noticed that the front door was wide open. This is another of Henry's recent habits, and it drives me batty. I came in the house, shouted toward the kids' door that I was going to water the garden, shut the front door, and went outside. Roo joined me soon after. We watered the plants and once Hurley did his business, we came in the house.  Check, check, checketty check.

This probably took ten minutes.

Once in the house, we shouted to Henry that we were done. I couldn't help but wonder why it was taking him so long to change or go to the bathroom. I asked Roo where he was. "Um, Mom, I think he didn't come out of the car yet."


We swung open the front door just as a red-faced, snotty Henry ran up the drive with his backpack and Lucky Puppy in hand, looking betrayed by adults. Or I should say, just one adult.  Through his hysterical sobs I managed to figure out that his door wouldn't open (the latch on the child lock got bumped) and he "got so sad because he thought nobody was coming back for him." Oh, the pain and guilt I feel.  My boy.

He finally managed to crawl up front and get out of the passenger door. He didn't think to go out Addie's door, which wasn't locked. I feel terrible. Poor kid. His mama didn't think to wonder where he was. I just assumed he came in and went straight to change into his cozy pants like he usually does. It never occurred to me that I abandoned my child in the driveway.


I didn't mean it.  I hope you can forgive me, Bud.

Have you ever done something by accident that was terrible?  I have way too many of these experiences to count.  You must have done something.  I can't be the only one.  Spill it.


  1. Don't worry. My mom hit me in the head with a piece of wood. Not on purpose...but she was throwing wood, I was coming out to get it. She would throw wood (firewood [oak]) and I would come out to get it. She threw the wood at the exact same time I came out to get it. BAMM. You know those bumps that cartoon characters get? Well, I had it. I didn't have to go into therapy for that :-)

    Bud is ok...he won't remember for too long hopefully.

  2. Just a few weeks ago, at our pizza fundraiser, I didn't realize that my oldest daughter, McKenna (age 9) was standing behind and to the side of me and I turned around and elbowed her right in the eye...HARD...gave her a decent swollen eye for the rest of the night and a very painful memory. Luckily - no shiner, but she was already sick that day and it certainly didn't help that her mommy elbowed her in the eye.