Saturday, April 24, 2010

On tap this morning:

What's crackin', 7:30 AM?  Here's what's up before lunch today:

1) Awesomeness
2) Farmers' Market
3) Swing by fund-raiser yard sale at school
4) Swing by Gpa's house to get tomato cages
5) Come home, plant garden
6) CLEAN THIS FRAT HOUSE we're living in

So I ask Henry, thinking he will want to spend some special time running around with Mommy, "hey bud, do you want to go to the farmers' market with me?"

Henry's response? "Not really mom.  No thank you."  Man.  Shot down by a five year old.

Maybe Hurley wants to go with me, but he'd have to stay in the car.  Maybe that's a bad idea too.

E and the next door neighbor are rebuilding our fence today.  Right now it's down between three houses in a row, but the front gates all still stand.  It's very Big Love of us, and I sort of wish we could just keep it.  Of course I'm pretty sure we're the people that other people want to keep out of their yards.  Whatevs.

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