Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm putting on my weekend pants.

Metaphorically. Allegorically. Categorically. Sartorially! But seriously, my weekend pants are pretty much the same as my week pants, since jeans are okie doke in my line o' work. I blame my shoe rule. From January of 2001 until sometime in 2006 I had this self-imposed rule for teaching: no flip flops. Sandals? Si. Tennies? Oui oui. Platform, peep-toe pumps? Da! But no flip flops. You can guess how that panned out. It was nice while it lasted. I feel like once I broke the seal on that one/Pandora's box/can't put the horses back in the barn (is that even a saying?), yadda yadda, yadda. You get it.

The point is that my flip floppiness (not touching that word, don't worry) kept me a leetle bit more dressy in my early teaching years. I was strict about it. I don't know where I got the idea that good teachers don't wear flip flops, but it sounds like something my mom might have said or at least inspired. It's up there with only gang members wear black boots, so you're taking them back to the store and You're going to dye your hair red? Remember that people in this district know you're my daughter. Love you, Mom.

I always start off the school year looking pretty (or trying) but when it gets cold I trade my flat ironed hair and cute little dresses for extra sleep, curly hair, and jeans. Yes, and flips. Similarly, I start off every school year keeping diligent lesson plans, and by the end I'm all um, I feel like doing this next period. I have seven years of lesson plans that run from August to about February. The rest of the year is an amalgamation of email, post-it, and legend.

Lately I'm happy that longer days and weekends provide lots of time for running around in shorts, or as my kids call it, having leggies. I mowed the lawn tamed the wild jungle in our backyard yesterday in a tank top and my Old Navy shorts and I felt like a superstar. I'm all about the bare feet and the shorts when I'm living real life. Translation: when I'm not at school. Can't have leggies at school, anyway.

The point of this post was that I'm happy it's the weekend, though it doesn't feel like it since Hurley came into our life and was like "look at me, I'm a baby, it's all about me now" (don't worry--I will have a puppy post coming, but I haven't gotten any good pictures yet). I have six weeks left until the end of school. Well, six weeks and some change. It's almost time to wear my weekend pants like I wear my awesome. Full time.

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  1. The editors (and owners) of my paper laid down the law on flip-flops five years ago. Reporters are not allowed to wear them. Graphic designers who never leave their computers, sure. Reporters who pound the pavement all day, NOPE. Can you imagine moving from Buffalo to Florida and being told you're never allowed to wear flip-flops to work? Agggghhh!