Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hurley Boy

Yes, we named our dog Hurley, after the character played by Jorge Garcia on LOST.  I like that I can call him "Hugo" when he's being bad... or just when I feel like imparting some Locke/FLocke/Smokey wisdom to him. Hurley brings such good energy into our house. 

Pets are so good at bringing the pure joy that's essential to healing.  It's been about a month since we lost Gus and Cal, and while we're honestly still feeling that loss very deeply (I only drove down Sheldon road for the first time this week--too sad), we were feeling the absence of a canine friend in the house.  Hurley is a little tiny baby still, but he's had a definite impact since he arrived on Thursday.

I'll admit it--the baby bug bit me in Hawaii a little--I kept seeing fat little babies in slings and strollers everywhere we went.  I had this feeling that it was more about my wanting something little and helpless to mother rather than actually thinking that bringing another human into the world right now was a good idea.  I told E that when we got home, it was either baby or puppy.  (Jokingly, of course.  It wasn't a demand.  Just one of those things wives say when they're all dreamy-eyed about what it might be like to expand the family.)

We had an offer for another puppy of a different breed, but we were still on the fence about it.  I think we both had it in our hearts to adopt another boxer.  We loved Gus and Cal equally, but a lot of the great qualities that Cal had I later learned were characteristic of the breed.  We weren't sure what to do, and in Hawaii we talked about it and came to the decision that we'd try to find another boxer.  Cut to Wednesday night and I'm googling boxer breeders.  We found a family in Elverta that was selling them for a reasonable price, and E decided he'd go on Thursday at his lunch "just to look." You know how that goes.  He knew better than to take me, but he wasn't much stronger on his own.

He came home with Hurley--9 pounds of boxer awesome.  Hurley is about 9 weeks old. We spent yesterday getting him checked out by the vet and getting his first round of shots.  The man we got him from said that he'd had one round but since we didn't have documentation they said we should just do all three rounds.  Anything to keep him healthy.

He's soooooooooooooooooooooooo KEEEEEWT.  He has the breath and the clumsy feet and the big boxer eyes.  He watches TV from the couch (oh yes--he's already figured out the couch!) and cocks his head when he sees something he doesn't quite get.  He's still baby enough to shake when he gets scared, and he doesn't like the cold grass on his feet.  Most nights when I take him outside he tries to stand on my slippers.  He's sleeping in a crate and while there's a little night time whining, it seems to either be because he needs to go outside or it stops if one of say no.  He seems to think Marms is pretty fun (she's unimpressed) and he's got those little poky baby teeth.  His run is more like a trot.  So basically, all the standard puppy stuff.  We adore him, as expected.

So here you go:  PUPPY PICTURES!


  1. ADORABLE! Love the name too, although your Hurley is much cuter than LOST's Hurley, no disrespect to husky men.

    I was thinking about your god-awful dog situation today. I don't know how you're coping. I feel so stinking terrible about it ... but I'm glad you got yourself a new pup. I would probably do the same thing.

    At first glace, I thought Hurley was a Boston Terrier mix. My best friend has a brindle boxer, so I'm used to those markings I guess.

    Good luck with the puppy-rearing!

  2. Aw he is so adorable! So total twilight zone! I have a boxer brindle named Hurley too! Although we named ours because we liked the brand...I have yet to see Lost! How fun! Yours sounds a lot like ours! He still hates the wet grass and he's 2 years old! LOL. Have so much fun with him!

  3. Love the pictures of the little one! He's really cute. Now I want a puppy...