Friday, April 30, 2010

How I'm going to ruin my day off:

I'm furloughed today. No work for no pay. I'm trying hard not to take it like a bad thing. I'm playing this little mental game with myself where I act like I just took too many sub days and got docked--which is honestly what's happened every single year I've been teaching, anyway. (And--sorry to admit this, E--that doesn't really ever seem to bother me.) I had Roo my first year teaching, so the combo of little kiddos and always being sick meant I generally use up my 10 freebies by about March. Docked paychecks at the end of the year are nothing new for me. (I'm not good at saving sick days or money.)

Anyway, I had/have big plans for today, to get things done but I can already tell that I'm tethered to my couch for as long as it takes me to sort those plans and make a list of the perfect order to do things. Which basically means all morning. Oh, and then I had to take Roo to school, which means the whole dumb process starts over again. So we may be looking at the whole day, at this point.

I was going to work on the surprise I'm making, but I needed a babysitter and my only free family option couldn't do it today. No biggie, but I'm sure trying to work on anything with Henry wanting to help is probably worse than not working on it. Oh, and did I mention that he's being a total BUTT today? Now, "butt" for Henry is probably only "annoying" on a scale for lots of other kids, but we had a battle about Honey Nut Cheerios this morning that almost rivaled the night I wrote this poem.

So then I thought maybe if I can get Henry to calm the freak down, I will take Hurley to get his second round of puppy shots. Only the SPCA doesn't open until 11:00, which is annoying. Which turns me into a butt. You don't open until right smack in the middle of the day? Really, SPCA? And Addie has a minimum day today--I hate minimum days. Why send them to school? Ugh. YES, I'm a teacher. But as a PARENT, it's just annoying. What's the point, School? So if I start to work on anything--cooking, grading, shopping, secret project-ing, I have to drop everything and be at her school by 12:30. And don't EVEN get me started on the fact that for some JACKED UP reason, Elementary schools and Secondary schools are on different calendars on my district. I might violate my own niceness rule if I get started on that one.

No, it's not helpful if you tell me I'm wasting valuable time writing about all this on my blog. That's what I do, waste time. I thought this might help me come up with a solution. Instead, it means I've been sitting on my couch for a half hour longer than I already planned. *sigh* I know I'll end up sitting here for so long trying to figure out how to get things done that I will get NOTHING done. That's just how I roll, I guess.

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