Sunday, April 25, 2010

Holy exciting weekend, Batman!

I've spent WAY too much of my time tonight trying to figure out how to transfer a picture of my bloody toes from E's point-and-shoot camera's internal memory onto its memory card so I could post it here. BLOODY TOES, I TELL YOU! But the picture is locked up for now, as long as we can't find the cord. So, um, sorry you missed out on that, world. I'll explain about the toes in a sec.

But today was great. Landmark day for Miss Roo. She went from not being able to ride her bike, sans training wheels, to being able to take off down the street and ride on her own. I'm so proud. Truth be told, and I've blogged about this before, Roo is not my brave child. She didn't want to jump, for Pete's sake, until she had a brother who got old enough to try such things. School has been good for Addie in the areas of courage, running and physical activity, but we still had this one huge thing to conquer. Fear was holding her back on her bike.

I'll admit it. Last summer it was too annoying to take her for a bike ride, because even with training wheels she was so timid that she had to walk her bike over every single bump or curb. It took us 40 minutes to go two blocks to Grandma's house. So we were determined to help her conquer this before summer.

E took the wheels off and they spent some time giving it a shot yesterday. It wasn't happening yet. The lean and the movement were freaking her out. I went out for a short while after lunch and the whole thing ended in tears. She's used to things coming to her easily--especially in school--and she's already learned the smart kid art of avoiding situations where she might not succeed right away. As much as it breaks my heart to see her cry, I wanted her to keep trying. I kept repeating to her that she's so good at things because she knows how to keep trying when it's hard. We tried for a while and E encouraged her that it might not happen today.

Right before dinner she wanted to give it another shot with her Dad (after helping him put together a new gate to go with the new fence). They tried for a while and then I went out with her while he checked the steak in the backyard... and it happened! It was that magical moment where I let go but she didn't know... she looked over and I was running along instead of holding up the bike. Her face lit up like Christmas morning as she shouted "I did it! Mommy, I'm doing it!"

Of course we had to call E and Henry out to see it... and then I remembered that we might want to grab a camera. Oh--I remembered to grab a camera right after I managed to stub my second and third toe like an eight year old because YES, I was running in the street with no shoes on. Old habits die hard, I guess. But I ran in the house, dabbed the blood off my feet, and came back outside to record our little Roo.

She still needs a little help getting started... but watch her go!
(Note Henry trying to control Hurley on the leash too.)

Lots and lots of tries...

but overall, a success! I'm so proud of her.

I really wanted her to experience some kind of success today. I didn't fully expect her to be able to do it, but I wanted something to go right so she'd want to keep at it. When we came inside, E and I were musing about what a big day it was:

E: I can't believe you got her to do it. I don't know what you did. You have the touch.

Me: I just let go. We'd been practicing how she could stop and put her foot down all day, so I knew she'd do that.

E: I just couldn't let go. Just couldn't do it.

Me: Awww! It's like a little metaphor for how you feel about your little girl! Nemo!

E: I'm aware of what it is.


Being a parent is so rad.


  1. Hooray!!! Good job! Those videos are so cute. She did great. I can remember learning to ride a bike so clearly. Fear mixed with lots of excitement. It's such a freeing feeling to be able to ride on your own. I remember feeling like "big stuff"! :)

  2. Holy cow! I remember what learning to ride was like too! (I was six, so that was 1960.) How cool is this?!!! So happy for Addie. Independence and growing up keep multiplying. (Just like it did for both you and your sister.) As for Hurley -- a harness maybe? Have you been to Pet Club? Great prices! And I like some of the independent pet shops in the area too.

  3. Go Roo!!! This post is so adorable I don't know where to start.