Tuesday, April 06, 2010


E and I spent two days scuba diving this trip, one with a divemaster (because we hadn't been in about four years, so we wanted to refresh our memories a bit) and one just the two of us. During the first day, the instructor had an underwater digital camera. The pictures are awesome.

We did our certification at the same place where we rented our equipment and arranged our dives this time, Maui Diving, in Lahaina. They're about as low-key as you can get, but I felt safe and confident when we certified there, and renting was a breeze. We had such a good time. My only regret is that E and I didn't have a camera on our second day when we saw a huge monk seal like the one below.

He was HUGE. We had a rough day that second day--the waves were up and the wind was blowing--it took us quite a while to find a place where we felt comfortable getting in. I was, of course, on edge because it was our first day diving (ever) without an instructor.  But we were careful and took it easy.  Our first dive, we were fighting against the current and I wore myself out too early, but the second one was great.  I saw an eel, a baby turtle (E says about "dinner plate size") and tons of tropical fish. We were making our way back in to shore along a sandy channel when we came upon the seal--of course I was freaking out for all of a few seconds before I figured out that it wasn't a shark! I had no idea there even were seals in Hawaii. He surfaced for quite some time--we kept our distance--and then he went back down to the sea floor where he had a cave under the coral. I say "he" like I knew what he was. I didn't. I was just glad he didn't want to eat me.  Basically, he was adorable.

The old pier
But our first dive day, the one we have pictures from, was equally great. We dove at Mala Ramp, a broken down pier at the north end of Lahaina's Front Street. We saw a reef shark, turtles, tons of coral, and lots of interesting fish. I was just getting used to diving again, so I was admittedly a little nervous. When am I NOT nervous, right? But the cool factor outweighed my nerves about swimming through things and under things. It ended up being a great dive.

Getting ready to dive.  There's not really a "cute" way to wear your scuba gear.

Me with one of the turtles

White tip reef shark

E and me.  I'm upside down because I was trying to get down lower.  I wasn't weighted enough.

Everything's great!
E and a frogfish

PDawg, big pimpin on them fins like a G.

Our second dive of that day was a scooter dive--we stopped at Mile Marker 12 on the Honoapiliani hwy out of Lahaina.  The scooters were so much fun.  We grabbed on and took off--NO KICKING!  All of the sudden we were surrounded by four huge manta rays.  I've never felt anything like that.  They were so graceful.  It felt like we were flying alongside them.  Scuba diving is so peaceful when you get it right.  Clear water, relaxed breathing, perfect buoyancy.  Nothing like it.

Mr. Ray and Mr. Ray and Mr. Ray

Doesn't that look like so much fun?

They move so quickly.

It's one of my favorite things we do together.

So as I said, the day after the dive with the instructor, we were out on our own.  Just as it gave me a lot of confidence to do the initial scuba certification four years ago, it gave me a pretty good sense of pride that we were able to go out on our own and not only survive, but find our way back to shore--ha.  I'm looking forward to many more dives in our future.  I can't wait until the monkeys are old enough to dive with us.

See?  And then we clean up real good.  :)

Also, FYI, I'm bringing back the fanny pack.  That's some legit storage.


  1. Amazing photos. You look gorgeous!

  2. I agree with Brunch @ Saks. You do look gorgeous! I'm super jealous of your scuba diving adventure. I've been snorkeling, but never diving. (I've never been to Hawaii, so I'm also insanely jealous of this vacation. You deserve it though. This was for your 10-year anniversary? Congratulations!)

    About the fanny pack: I've thought about using one numerous times –– on bike rides, jogging, walking the dog long distances, anything that requires full range of my arms –– but then I think the f-pack stigma and tuck a few dollar bills in my bra, hide my house key under a welcome mat, forgo bringing my camera and proceed on my journey with an unadorned fanny.

    I'd love it if you brought back the fanny pack. It's such a practical carry-all.