Saturday, April 03, 2010

Aloha means "hello," too, you know.

Pool at The Whaler.  Toes at The Whaler.

Welp.  Here I am.  I'm back.  I'm in my own bed, sinking like a rock into my Costco foam topper that I missed so dearly.  E is playing Nintendo... oh wait, we don't call it Nintendo anymore, we call it Wii, or XBox, or Call of Duty, Modern Warfare II.  (Life used to be so simple!)  I miss the kids so bad.  We don't get them back until tomorrow afternoon. Marmalade hasn't left my stomach all night--she came in and meowed like a banshee until I picked her up and now she won't move.

I've got a whole brain full of things to write about, so you will have to keep checking back this week.

Short answer:  WE HAD A GLORIOUS, CAPITAL LETTER-WORTHY TIME IN MAUI!  And I'm tan! So tan.  My body might be more squishy, post-kids, but it still wants to be brown.  I love being able to be in the sun.

No, I didn't want to write about being gone or where I was going before we left... I'm so paranoid, and all the break-ins of the last year plus our recent loss of our big scary dogs left me feeling like our house had a big bullseye on it.  Everything was safe and sound when we returned.  Pheeuphf.

Maui was wonderful and our flight and drive home went quickly.  I'm exhausted from the day of travel, but I'm looking forward to a weekend of Easters with the family.

I have so much to tell you.  Promise to check back a few times this week, okay?  I'll be back to daily (or more) posting.  I have lots of pictures from our trip and more than a few stories.  I'm looking forward to checking back in with all of you.

Maybe right now I ought to go to bed, though.  It's only 9:21 Maui time, but it's 12:21 California time.  And if we're being honest, I was in bed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before 9:00 even when I was in Maui.


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  1. Whenever I go to Hawaii, the first couple of days I am usually so tired that I fall asleep by 7 PM Hawaii time! One night I fell asleep at 6 PM! I think it is because you are out in the sun all day and are hiking and doing things you wouldn't normally do. Plus you are tired from having fun! Glad you had a good trip.