Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rainy days and Haterade

I spent the better part of my day trying not to think too hard about the fact that I had to go to the bathroom, and to get to the restroom I have to go for about a two minute walk in the rain/wind/cold. Miserable. I put it off as long as possible, but that didn't make it any less terrible to run through the rain. Dang my love of hot tea all morning. Dang it all to heck.

I think if you work in an office and you can go to the bathroom whenever you want--if you don't have to arrange supervision for your students, or make it to the bathroom and back in under five minutes (two minutes journey each direction gives me only 60 seconds to make the magic happen), or go hike outside to the only facilities like you're in freaking Pioneer Times--you must not even give it a second thought. I've already blogged about the single stall awkwardness that is our bathroom situation at school, and teaching in the oldest high school in my district means my room's unfortunately not close to any staff bathroom. Imagine how much fun that was both times I was pregnant. My classroom is further from a restroom this year than it's ever been before--I guess that's the price I pay for finally having my own classroom all day. It's worth it but I'm totally going to keep whining about it. Poor me.

I also spent today feeling annoyed by those around me. I know that ain't right, especially since I haven't exactly been a peach lately (or, ever, if we're being honest). I know there are people all over my life who put up with me all the time. I get it. I love 'em for it. There are just some personality types that grate against my nerves, and I find most of them at work. Some days I do better dealing with them. Today a few of them were really testing my patience.

Person #1: Student who asked to move his seat so he could "see the board better" a few weeks ago, but who really moved so he could sit right by my desk and chat it up all day with PDawg. I let the seat arrangement slide because I was thinking he really did have an eye problem, and this is one socially outcast kid... I was trying to move him away from some bullies on the other side of the room, but homeboy just CAN NOT read the repeated clues I'm sending out that when I have my eyes on an email or a book or anything. I've done everything short of getting a forehead tattoo that says "NO THANKS." No, I'm not wanting to hear about his little brother or his writing club or his socially awkward shenanigans (I'm waiting for the convo on LARPing and I'm scared to death he'll find out I like Star Trek). I'm not digging the close-talking, son. And if I look away to someone else who is talking to me, it means I've moved on! It does not mean YOU SHOULD TALK LOUDER AND GET BACK INTO MY FIELD OF VISION.

I could even put up with a little of any of that, but then read the social signals, homie, and leave me be. Or talk to your peers if you have some time left after you finish your work. I, unlike you, have work to do after my work. And then I have some work after that. For some reason this dummy chose to be an English teacher, so she's going to have work until the end of time. Or I just need a break from 14 year olds. That's why I go sit at my desk while you're working. Either way, you're crossing a line and I'm over it. Time for a new seating chart. (He can be in the front on the other side, which is where I've been sticking him previously this year.) I just feel like his behavior turns me into a jerk--I start ignoring what he says because I've already tried to show him thirty times that I'm done talking... and he feels insulted when I am clearly not listening--yet he can't stop.

Person #2: Another person who ignored my repeated email requests, didn't bother to respond, didn't take care of the simple task I asked them to do, and then today wanted me to go out of my way to do fix their mistake. We've all been there, right? OH HAIL NAW. Also one of those non-readers of social cues. Why is that a skill that some people just don't have? How do they exist in that pretend world? I feel like those kind of people ruin it for the other 90% of the world. Other decent, normal people are afraid to ask for favors because of the ten percenters who abuse the privilege with predictable regularity. Awkward, awkward, awkward. CLOSE TALKER. MISSES SARCASM. Criticizes what I do openly in front of others. Tells me what to do. Offers help but manages to make it sound like a catalogue of what I'm not doing. Acts like I am an ignorant child. Grates on the same nerve the previously mentioned student had already irritated. Today this person was doubly frustrating. Person #1 had already rubbed that nerve raw, and then Person #2 came in with the knockout. Sometimes it's good if I have to be somewhere and I have an out, or I might say something I would regret.

Annoyed, I am.

I really try to be pleasant to most people--within reason. Especially kids, because they're still just figuring things out and school can be hard. I curl my toes and suck it up, but some days like today it makes me want to scream. If I can't be pleasant, I just try not to say anything. After a while, though, I feel like I'm allowing that other person to eat up my sanity. I can't understand why some people are so aggressive when it comes to pushing the boundaries other people's comfort and patience. I'm being about as subtle as a heart attack to show them that we're done talking, and they keep going for five more minutes... or I'm clearly put out by the request they're making (having previously been ignored myself) and they demand it like it's owed to them.

What has two thumbs and is a really bad person today? THIS GUY. I just needed to vent.

Hatey McHaterson


  1. Last year, Averyl's portable had it's own bathroom! Nice and clean:)

  2. You crack me up.
    I'm trying to figure out where your classroom must be in the school map I have in my brain. (The school map that never, ever leads me to that math class I am always late for in my dreams...)
    Your color comment made me laugh over on my blog. When I was pregnant colors mixing was the worst. I didn't have any morning sickness, but you mix colors wrong and watch out!

  3. Im working downtown right now and I can't afford a parking permit so I have to move my car every two hours...I used to love the rain...I HATE IT! My pants get wet, my umbrella breaks! Forget about work appropriate clothes its sweatshirts and uggs all the way!

  4. Is it sad that this post absolutely made me laugh out loud? Law school is full of awkward people with no social skills and some days...I just can't handle 'em. Hope I'm not one of them...