Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have I mentioned lately that I love you, Pandora?

Nope, I'm not talking about that Fern Gully/Smurf hybrid society that was in this year's must-see kid movie for grownups, I'm talking about my favorite internet radio station, Pandora.com.

One thing I'm not loving as of late, are the incessant ads. I don't really remember Pandora having quite so many ads when I started listening to it. I use it at work while kids are working or taking a test--primarily Pandora acts as my audible sniff screener so I don't sit here and go nuts while they all sniff the hour away. Drives me crazy. But ads or no ads, I'm going to keep playing it. I love not having to listen to the same thing all the time. Plus it's funny when a cheeseburger commercial comes on during an AP practice test. Right?

Some of my favorite stations to play at work:

Speaking of Shine, it's a pretty good song for the day. I was introduced to this song through my friends from CORE Dance Collective (who incidentally have a show this weekend--check it out if you're in the Sacramento area!) and it makes me warms me from the inside out. Good song. Give it a listen and have a little dance in your head. Here ya go.

David Gray

I can see it in your eyes
What I know in my heart is true
That our love it has faded
Like the summer run through
So we'll walk down the shoreline
One last time together
Feel the wind blow our wanderin' hearts Like a feather
But who knows what's waiting
In the wings of time
Dry your eyes
We gotta go where we can shine

Don't be hiding in sorrow
Or clinging to the past
With your beauty so precious
And the season so fast
No matter how cold the horizon appear
Or how far the first night
When I held you near
You gotta rise from these ashes
Like a bird of flame
Step out of the shadow
We've gotta go where we can shine

For all that we struggle
For all we pretend
It don't come down to nothing
Except love in the end
And ours is a road
That is strewn with goodbyes
But as it unfolds
As it all unwinds
Remember your soul is the one thing
You just can't compromise
Take my hand
We're gonna go where we can shine
We're gonna go where we can shine
We're gonna go where we can shine

(and look, and look)
Through the windows of midnight
Moonfoam and silver

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  1. I used Pandora so much that I ran into a monthly limit halfway through a month last fall. After that, I decided to pony up the $36 for a year of ad-free and limit-free listening. Totally worth it, IMO.