Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ohmigod, Ohmigod you guys...

Sorry, no Elle Woods connection in this post, I just find that to be the perfect "stuck in my head" song for life lately. Appropriate, no? To be honest, I'm glad for a break from ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES. Oh drat. It's back. *closes eyes* Elle Woods, Elle Woods, Elle Woods. Delta Nu Nu Nu, Delta Nu Nu Nu...

Anyhoo, I really did have a sort of Ohmigod day yesterday. It's so fitting that I ended the marathon week with a marathon day. Work passed effortlessly, but this week of over-committing and under-sleeping myself didn't really leave me with much to offer. Remember the mutant zombie people in I am Legend? One of those guys on an "off" day probably had a little more elegance and patience than I did yesterday. I mean, there's toast, there's beyond toast, and then there was me crouching in a corner with a twitchy eye wishing I'd gotten a good meal or a good night's sleep in a few days. But I'm not all about complaining today. Yesterday ended well.

I picked up Sarah, a good friend from high school dance days (though that description hardly offers an inkling of a clue about what has become a lifelong friendship) who is visiting from Texas, and we drove out to see CORE Dance Collective's new show, Chambers. CORE is a contemporary dance company in Sacramento that I can say I'm so proud to have been a member of. They were phenomenal. Watching your friends dance is entirely different than just seeing a company of randoms onstage--as much as it pains me not to be up there with them, I have so much love for them and pride to see what they're accomplishing, that it is an emotionally fulfilling experience. CORE is an amazingly athletic company--a contemporary ballet/jazz/modern/pedestrian hybrid that puts its dancers through the wringer--and they were svelte and beautiful. Just amazing. Another reminder, or in case I have never posted this before: The soundtrack to Blood Diamond? Go download it right now. I'll wait. My favorite CORE piece is still the one that uses that haunting music.  I know this is last minute, but if you're in the Sacramento area and you can go see them tonight at the Benvenuti center, I highly recommend it.  They are so good.

I almost overloaded last night on good peeps that I haven't seen in a long time. It was like being at a wedding. All of the subplots of my life, converging like a rainbow of metro lines at one station. I took the Sarah train in, but we ran into Devin, another high school dance friend, and her mom, several teacher colleagues from my public school dance-teaching days, multiple former members of CORE that I danced with, former students, parents of former students, the husband of one of those dance teacher colleagues who was lighting the show, and friends from my brief brush with charter school teaching. Amazing. Happy.  Weird.

After draining every last drop of energy with mental support dance from my seat and catching up with old friends, I needed some nourishment. (Do you do this too? Do you, like, have to restrain yourself in your seat when you go watch good dance? You should see me. I'm a like a little kid who has to pee, only the twitching is coming from my soul, not my bladder. Oh, the ache to be on stage--it's so strong!) Oh, and did I mention that my diet yesterday consisted of one Venti soy latte and a fistful of Cheetos? I know, it's hard when I talk about my diet because you feel so overwhelmed by how healthful I am. Try not to compare or get too down on yourself. I shoved a sandwich in my yap before I went to pick up Sarah, but we were pretty snacky by the time the show let out.

We I drove in tentative circles of downtown Sac for a while, quoting our favorite stupid movies and trying to avoid wrong way driving or areas that looked too rapey... we settled on a late dinner at The Melting Pot. Because what says "I'm going to catch up with my friend and my healthy diet" like melted cheese and some wine? I'll tell ya. NOTHING. I'm glad we went. Fondue is always good for a leisurely meal and we had so much to talk about. Sarah is such a funny gal, and though we've both grown on our own as we've lived separate lives, those lives ran parallel tracks. I always know she's there, and there's joy in being able to see and hear someone with whom you share a formative history.

Where were my kids, you ask? The E man? E was at a Kings game. Bleh, right? But his bestie asked him, so cut homeboy some slack. He was at the game and then I think playing video games until the wee hours. The kiddos were at a sleepover at my sister, Lis' house. I am just about to hop in the car and go see what destruction was wreaked upon the house. The monkeys were so excited about this that they could barely hold still from about Tuesday, on... I hope they went to bed at some point. It was hard to come home late last night to the dog- and people-empty house... *sigh* A little easier than last weekend, but still just too quiet.

Guess what I have planned for today? N.O.THING. Glorious.

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  1. I had so much fun! I'm glad we got to hang out like that again! Seriously good times :-)

    Love, S