Friday, March 05, 2010

I officially don't have a little baby anymore. I mean who are we kidding, FIVE means you're like, a legit KID.

Happy 5th Birthday to my Henry man!

Every day he kisses me on both cheeks and says "you're my girl, Mom!"

I die.

He's a dancin' fool and he CAN NOT HOLD STILL.

He's an awesome little brother, an awesome little sidekick to Daddy...

and he lets me be his girl.

It's hard to deal with the fact that he's five. A little. It means I have to give up the fact that I still have a little baby at home.

But he's such a funny little dude.

Love you, Buddy Boy.

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  1. Love these pictures. Happy Birthday sweet Henry! I hope you had an awesome day. Carter sends a "happy birthday" too. :)

  2. Happy birthday Henry! You have my husband's middle name and the same name as my father-in-law. I feel one day it'll be the name of my first-born son, should I ever have a son.

  3. 1. love your new blog look, especially your font...where is that from?
    2. good luck on my giveaway
    3. now I can follow you too
    4. I LOVE that you wrote you're "full time awesome!" :))
    5. how's formspring, thinking about using it?