Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Place

Can photos make you feel truly happy? Relaxed? Peaceful?

These sure did for me. I stumbled upon them in my Facebook albums the other day, and I felt a wash of calm. An immediate lowering of the blood pressure.

They're from a late-fall trip we took to our family cabin.

The cabin is ancient, but it's right on the river.

It's quite specifically my happy place. If I had to narrow it even further, I'd say it's this rock Ad's sitting on. I can feel the cool rock against my back just looking at it. I can sense the bite of the frigid water on my feet. I can see the cherry-red skin peeking back at me from under the water. I can smell the scent of earth and growth and sun. I can hear the roar of the river, the paradox of silencing noise.

Just looking at these makes me happy. It makes me want to go back. Soon.


1 comment:

  1. Those pictures are beautiful! I love looking at them, and it makes me miss the west a LOT. You have a beautiful family, and I love reading your blog.