Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, E!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Gluten-free E.

In honor of the 31st anniversary of your birth, here are 25 things I love about you, in no particular order:

1. Your smile.
2. Those eyes that your Aunties used to tell you would make the ladies swoon.
3. The fact that you grew up loving "Anne Murdy" songs and wanted to dance with me to one at our wedding.
4. You're warm all the time.
5. You crack my toes.
6. You're a great dad, and you're a very involved dad. I love how you've been able to comfort our kids since they were born, and how you make them listen and look adults in the eye.
7. You asked me to go with you to Buckthorne's for coffee in high school, and then you asked me to go with you to Retrouvaille last year, each time so we could make things right.
8. You danced to the fast songs at our wedding and when you took me out dancing.
9. You BBQ better than any human I've ever met.
10. You look really intense when you do Karate, but in a really cool way and not a Chris Farley kind of way.
11. You know how to fix anything.
12. You're nice to old ladies.
13. You have a great family.
14. You're spontaneous.
15. You turn socks right side out and rinse your dishes really well before washing them even though it doesn't make a difference.
16. You love Braveheart, Star Trek, and Harry Potter.
17. You have no self control when it comes to Disneyland snacks or electronics. (Related: You "get" my whole deal at Disneyland and you don't complain.)
18. You clean the garage to relax.
19.We share a love of Winco's giant sour gummy worms.
20. You're brave.
21. You won't let me leave if we fight.
22. You want a house in the country.
23. You know how to hook up, install, hang, and turn on the TV.
24. You fit in to my family.
25. You married me again.

Happy Birthday, Dude. I can't imagine life without you. You're truly my best friend. I'm glad you choose me, because I sure as heck choose you. :)



  1. Have to comment! I just read your most recent post (Introducing PDawg or something like that) and this one and I need to tell you it's people like you, who make your struggles with marriage open to the world, a better place for people hoping to be in a marriage one day. We all think marriage is going to be a piece of cake when we're younger and I was certainly one of those people. It wasn't until I saw struggles of marriage around me - big and small- that I "got" it. Maybe that's why I am 32 and not yet married.. I needed to fully understand that times were only going to get more difficult AFTER "I do" and that I better really make sure the one I pick is the one I am willing to still love even on the day I know that will come at some point in the marriage where I am pretty sure I can't go on. So thank you... I understand not everyone wants to go public with their dirty laundry, but I certainly think it would help people think twice before marrying.. that was a mouthful! Maybe it's time for a blog on that subject :)