Tuesday, March 09, 2010

E ate a salad.

*slow clap for E*

The sentence says it all.  Anyone who has known E for any length of time, prepare your feeties because I'm about to knock your socks right off.  E ate a salad last night, his first one ever.  Homeboy went all in, too.  Green leaf lettuce,  cucumber, red peppers and mushrooms with Newman's Own Light Balsamic Dressing.  (Of course it would be Paul's dressing at my house.)

E also ate a cup of steamed broccoli with his lunch and had a cup of spinach in his protein shake yesterday morning.  Who is this man?  Where did the boy go that I married?  You know, the one who only ate meat and bread and a lot of things that fit into a categories titled "other" and "trans-fat."  He's been replaced by this guy.  I have to say, it's kind of a HUGE DEAL.  Of course I know it's Tony Horton's influence, not mine, but sometimes I worry about what the E man actually can eat.  His diet is so restricted by allergies that if he ate veggies, a whole new world would open unto him.  Well, last night he did it.

A new fantastic point of view...

It's been a long journey--it all started with broccoli when we first married and then it progressed to grilled vegetables and eventually things like zucchini and fresh green beans.  He didn't really grow up eating anything that grew out of the ground, so this is quite an accomplishment.  (Seriously, I mean it when I say he didn't eat any plants.  He was a PB&J guy, to the exclusion of most other things.)  He had zero taste for veggies.  Strictly accomplished through some arduous efforts, this was.

I'm proud of him.  It was a big deal for our kids to see him eat that salad tonight.  I really wish a life for them that includes trying new things without fear.  I hope that they also try enough things now that they don't up pigeonholed in picky eating habits.  E was a great model tonight of the fact that we're always capable of doing something new.


  1. Can E eat cheese's that are from cow? Not sure how that works.. because a little crumbled goat cheese on a salad makes it so much more bearable!

  2. Technically, he can eat goat cheese and goat's milk. Sometimes it upsets his stomach too, though. He tends to do better not eating anything dairy, even if it's non-cow dairy. (Don't know the word for that.) We tried soy cheese last week and it wasn't bad. Need to get out to Whole Foods to get some good stuff.

  3. It's always exciting when you can get them to try new and healthy food and enjoy it! Mine grew up on fast food, so that was hard to break!
    P.S. that song from aladdin is such a good song! haha