Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chinese Healing

Though this week was antithetical to celebration, we had a quiet dinner tonight with family to mark E and Henry's birthdays. We crammed a local Chinese restaurant full of aunties and uncles, nieces and nephews, and shared some laughs over some mu shu pork and chicken chow mein. I didn't really want to go--purely out of the difficult emotions I'm still feeling--but I'm so glad we did. The pains of this week will linger, but there's solace in the understanding hugs of family, and birthdays are a beautiful reminder that life continues to move, that life should continue to move.

I ate way too much. My tummy is majorly complaining. That's what all this healthy eating will do for ya--set you up for a big regret when you cheat and suck down greasy food and Pepsi. I don't think my stomach currently recognizes soda. Ouchie. (Still recognizing beer though, FYI.)

E and Henry pulled in a nice haul--they're on the floor right now cataloging presents and making plans for tomorrow's Lego building. I'm glad we're all home together. I feel like such a big baby this week. E was out last night and gone to work a side job today. Being alone is about like trying to fall asleep right now--scary. I broke down last night when I was home alone with the kids--I realized how much I relied on the dogs being here for my peace of mind and sense of safety. One more thing to get used to. *sigh*

But even if the wound isn't gone, tonight was a nice bandage, or a crutch for my weary legs. I'm not really sure which metaphor I'm going for, but you get it. We need that kind of love from our family to know that things are going to be okay and that the dark corners of our mind aren't where we're really meant to set up camp. Family, birthdays, Chinese food dinners... these are all nice little IMs from God to say "you're not alone, and there's love greater than the hurt you're feeling." Good stuff, God. Good stuff.

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