Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here I sit, unable to blog about Survivor (my super-secret Thursday night plan) because I failed to set the Tivo to record it. I was doing the yogas with Tony Horton while Survivor was on and I didn't think twice about checking to see if it recorded. What I got was two rooms of Project Runway and no rooms of Survivor. To a TV-enthusiast and a Survivor-obsessed crazy head like myself, this is a great tragedy. I'm so sad. No Liz Lemon, no Community, no Survivor. Lame. Somebody better make this night better. I'm looking at you, Real Housewives of OC.

Anyway, Aunt Cath and Uncle Tom--I tried. Next week, hopefully.

I'm exhausted. This week my life has been everyone else's, not mine. I've been running all week, and I'm just done. I want to sit in a quiet room with the lights off for about three days. I'm just overloaded. Every lunch, free minute, evening, and morning has been spent doing something for or with other people. Gotta love 'em, but this introvert needs to crawl back into her alcove in Cargo Bay 2 and regnerate.

Yoga felt great tonight but now I'm sitting here tightening up. Not in a good way. In a rigor mortis kind of old-lady, osteoporosis, curved-spine kinda way.

So E's taking the Bar exam in less than a week, and we're ten shades of crazy over here. We've been fighting like cats and crazy dogs... I'm having a hard time separating my emotions from the fact that I know he needs to be left alone; he's having a hard time paying attention to anything that's not in his Bar Bri book. Guess what? Apparently I'm not in his Bar Bri book. We're both just not great people right now. I feel really strange this week. I can't even imagine where he is, mentally. So basically you might want to think two good thoughts for us this week: #1, that we make it to Tuesday without any extreme demonstrations of embarrassing discord in our marriage, and #2, that the E man is able to bring it this time he takes the Bar. Thanks.

I'm showing Romeo + Juliet this week. You know, the weird Baz Luhrmann one. I totally don't like Baz or his whizzing camera work and flashy lights. Just sayin'. But I do like little teenagey cute Leo, and there's no awkward boob/butt action that I have to fast forward through like the Zeffirelli version. I think this is the closest thing to a cool video I've been able to show kids in my teaching career so far. Well, except for that one time I showed episodes of So You Think You Can Dance to my jazz classes.


  1. Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your and E's way! You can both conquer the Bar!

  2. When I saw "Will's R+J" opening on the big screen, I told my wife, we're buying this!" Baz's idea was to skip the Elizabethan language, and show the story from a modern view, including gunfights at a gas station.
    Like your decision, my wife (strangely nicknamed by her HS English class as "V-Dawg") doesn't like this version, and won't show it in class, mainly because of Mercutio's PG-13 dance at the Party.