Sunday, February 07, 2010

Week 1 in review

One week down.

It felt good to check off that 7th X on my spreadsheet.

Here's a little end-of-the-week update for ya. Week 1 of P90X is in the bag. Not that I'm committing to 90 days yet, but if I were, I would be one week closer to my 13 week goal. I think it sounds much more manageable when you speak of it in weeks, rather than days. But it isn't called P13X. Not that I'm committing to anything. Yet. You know.

Yesterday was by far the toughest day for me. It was Kenpo X, one of the cardio workouts. I think a variety of factors contributed to my demise at the hands of Tony Horton. I was ruined by the time I finished. The first factor is undoubtedly my girlie punch skills and wet noodle arms. It's been a long time since I've been in weekly ballet classes, and my arms/back are just not strong anymore. I think my body's accustomed to daily kid-lifting, and the newness of that wore off long ago. Yesterday was a lot of punch, punch, punch, barf. It was so hard for me. I was feeling it in my back within hours and I was a BEAST yesterday for the remainder of the day. I mean, I was just mean. I know 85% of that is hormones, but I was just physically and mentally exhausted by the time I started Kenpo--by the time I finished I was a giant pile of human suck.

Ouch. All of it.

I know from dance that the thing one dreads the most is most always the thing one needs to do more of, so I'm just noting that in my mental file cabinet and moving forward. I'll keep pressing play, but I'm not looking forward to next Saturday, at all. I'm glad that the soreness is in my upper back--that means I was using my body the right way, which I was trying really hard for--but dang, I'm hurting today.

This is day 7, which is a rest or stretch day. I opted to do the Stretch X video, which wasn't as much of a vacation as I was hoping for. I was picturing something like laying on my back in corpse pose for an hour, and it wasn't really that. I know my bod will be glad for the stretching and it will help with the soreness. Ad worked out with me for the second day in a row, taking breaks occasionally to read her Bunny book. Adorable.

At the end of week 1 I feel tired. I feel like I'm doing some good work, but I wish I wasn't quite so worn out. I know that this next week will be easier simply because there's no fear of the unknown for me about the videos--the next two weeks are a repeat of week 1. At least I know what I'm getting each day. I haven't seen any major changes in my body, but I feel like my upper arms/ back are a bit swollen, so that gives the false appearance of a little bulk. It's making me laugh, at least. The same swelling is not really helping me see any weight loss benefits yet. Though I am down from 157 before I started to 154 now, the same shift in my weight is normal for this time of the month. I have a pretty big range in a normal month, anyway.

I found the videos to be easy to follow, and I like that you're encouraged to pause when you need breaks, adjust weight, etc. It was much easier to customize to my fitness level (or lack thereof) than I thought it would be. The Ab Ripper video, which you do 3 times in the first week, was killer. I was able to build up reps of each exercise, and the third time I was actually able to do all 25 of each of the 11 core exercises. Killer, though.

I never cleaned the house yesterday, so there's a big stack of laundry and a big stack of dishes waiting for me right now. Can't wait to get to that! Hope you're having a nice little Sunday.

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  1. I really want to give P90X a try... I just can't commit to spending the $150 or so on it... ugh. Plus, that is a huge time commitment.. I was surprised to hear the yoga video was an hour and a half long! Anyway.. I need to get it...