Friday, February 19, 2010

PDawg: Displaced. Again.

Mom, Luke, and Roo. Hangin' with the extended fam this weekend. (Although this is a pic from Christmas. Sorry. Sue me.)

I kicked myself out of my house this weekend. E's batch'n it as we speak, cramming the last few drops of Constitutional Law into his overwhelmed neurons. Or something.

I'm at my mom and dad's which is actually only about five blocks from my house, but it feels like I went away for the weekend. Anything that requires packing counts for being away, no? I spent as much of tonight as possible at Chick Fil A with Lis and her monkeys, and then in the aisles of TJ Maxx--but dragging two complainy kids through aisles of discounted designer jeans is just not as much of a rainbow and sunshine-fest as you'd think. Hard to look for bargains when you have to deal with twenty five "I have to go to the bathroom"-s per minute. And then they wanted a drink. Does the cycle never end?

Upside of shopping: I am hopelessly in love with all things baby again--whoa there sport... not for me--because my lovely SIL, April, is expecting this September. So I actually got to look at all of those things in the baby section that I don't let myself look at anymore for fear of setting off a hormone chain reaction and initiating a launch sequence of baby-wanting that I'm incapable of halting. Anyhoo, I got to LOOK tonight, and they had the cutest Boppy with little pale zoo animals all over it. SIGH. Don't know about Boppys? Allow me to enlighten you.

This is a terrible picture and it looks like some kind of plush toilet seat but I promise it's not--a toilet seat. Yeah.

A Boppy is not, as I would have thought pre-kid, related to the 1980's teen magazine, Bop, from whence my equally treasured tear-out posters of Uncle Jesse and Milli Vanilli came. Have mercy. It's just this roundish 3/4 donut pillow that you put on your lap so you can balance the kid and properly place them on the... well... um... milk delivery device. HA. Bet you never called your girls that. It helps keep everyone more comfy while nursing and saves your back and your c-section scar if you have one. Anyway, I got April a cute one tonight. The Boppy was one of those things I was like "boy, that looks dumb" about before I had a newborn, and then I was literally attached to it at the hip. (I should mention, they make a million versions under various different names. They're probably all the same.) By Hank, we had two so I didn't have to move it from room to room. Lazy, I know. Also, Ad's got kind of worn out and disgusting. But we kept it. Probably too lazy to throw it away. (And then I'd have had to carry a baby and a pillow from room to room. Too much.)

Oh, and the Bops are good for propping up your kid in front of the TV if you're a video game-playing husband who's staying up so your wife can please just get two damn hours of sleep because she is a little hormonally unstable and a little crazy and has had quite enough of being a dairy cow and what the heck happened to her body, it used to be so cute and stop looking at me like that, I'm not nuts, I just want to get some freaking sleep, you did this to me and I just wish you could understand that I don't feel like MYSELF RIGHT NOW. Yep, good for Daddy video game time and good for propping up a kid while they take a bottle so mommy can put in her earplugs and sleep.

Have I ever mentioned that before? Another of the things that I'd suggest to any new mom is a pair of earplugs. I was incapable of sleeping at all if I could hear my babies fuss (I'm talking when they were new new new and fresh outta the hospital) so the only way I'd get any sleep at all--even if E had them and was helping me tag team the feedings--was to earplug myself. Then I could sleep like the dead. For all of 45 minutes or whatever until I woke up sore and in two cold little puddles... but that's a topic for another post. The human body is an amazing thing.

So I'm at Mom and Dad's right now and they're not home yet. It's cold because they live in a big house. It's the same at E's folks'. I'm used to our little house that heats well. I think I'm sleeping in between the kids in the guest bed tonight though, so not only will I be warm, but I'll be well-pounded by elbows and feet by the time I get up tomorrow. So... yeah. That's what's going on. And I think I'm getting sick. And E takes the Bar in 4 days. So I really don't want him to come near me. Only I do. And I have the final WASC report due on Monday. Basically my entire life can resume on Thursday. How do you say? Zis next week, she is going to suck.


  1. Yeah, those first 6 months of Averyl's life, I never slept (neither did she!). I remember thinking, "If I could just sleep for five minutes...(a week went by)...10 minutes...(a week went by)...20 minutes. Law & Order is on all night long on different channels. Who knew? And, Simon & Simon was on at 4am. Kinda didn't need to repeat that part of high school! I hear you! I thought this past week would suck, and it did, but here I am on Friday night, watching ice dancing with a little 7 year old sleeping beside me. I just listen to her breathing - all is right with the world.

  2. And, isn't it nice to have that "home" to go home to? One of my soul desires in life is to sleep in my mom's guest bedroom. Huge king size bed, soft sheets, and completely dark. Oh, and currently child=free. I shan't bring mine with me if I want the space, the softness, and darkness. I covet that guest bedroom.

  3. Funny you should blog about a Bobby. I just ordered one (with additional Bobby covers) for my pregnant cousin. She was registered with Babies R Us, so I signed on, scanned the list of usual baby crap and then feasted my eyes on the Bobby pillow.

    "I think I'll order her a hemorrhoid cushion," I told Joe, hysterical. "I heard you can get 'roids after birth. This will be perfect."

    Since my sister PK and I are splitting the cost of this gift, I was totally prepared to tell her I picked out a hemorrhoid cushion, but then I read the description and learned that it's a nursing pillow. Go figure. I ordered it anyway, assuming my cousin probably really wants a Bobby. I could actually go for one right now.

  4. HAHA! I notice I called the thing a Bobby! Fuck them b's for getting in the way of my p's. BOPPY. BOPPY. Like the yellow dinosaur in Barney?

  5. Hang in there! The countless hours of studying are bound to pay off at some point. I'll be praying for you and your family!