Wednesday, February 17, 2010

P90X update

Quick post tonight, since I have a family birthday to attend and we're out of TP. (What I mean by that is I will have to shop after the birthday party. What did you think I meant??)

I thought I'd give you an update on my P90X status. Not that you were asking.

Days since I started P90X: 17

# of workouts completed: 17

Days missed: 1 (doubled up yesterday to make up for missing Monday, so I didn't miss the workout)

Pounds lost: 0-2 (somewhere in there, depending on the day)

Most notable positive changes: slight (I mean, SLIGHT) difference in the firmness of my arms/ shoulders, upper waist seems to be more tight. Slight (again, very) appearance of definition on upper abs. Increased leg muscle definition. Definite difference in stamina, pull-up ability, and upper back/shoulder/chest strength in pushups and yoga maneuvers.

Most frustrating non-change: hangy-skin mama belly and super-awesome muffin top. So far no real changes there, although I guess one could argue I'm less bloaty looking. GROSS! Sorry.

Diet: Hard to follow (fell off the wagon big time this weekend at the in-laws) stage 1, but I'm trying. Hard to get in all that protein and hard to have enough energy with the lower carb phase. Plus I'm president of the Carbs' Fan Club, so it's hard not to indulge like I used to. But I'm trying to stick to it because I don't want to undermine my results. It's easy for breakfast and lunch and snacks away from home. Once I get home, the carbs start to call my name.

My opinion, so far: Even if this doesn't end up doing what it promised to do, I love it. I think it will be a nice compliment to my running. Next month I want to start "doubles", which means adding cardio in on the lifting days. I like the videos, even if I turn Tony Horton off most of the time. I don't need to listen to most of his BS, but it's a good workout and he seems like a good guy. Kind of amazing that a set of videos can hold my attention, but the rotation keeps it interesting.

No matter what, doing this consistently is going to have a positive effect on my body. I'm sticking with it. 17 days down, 73 to go.

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