Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'd like to buy a vowel.

Wheel of Fortune is clicking in the background. The muscles at my side and in my upper arm are too fatigued to reach for the remote. Roo is enjoying the show anyway--and reading. Apparently the kid can one-up her madre and read while she watches TV. I'm more of a Jeopardy girl; I was kicking butt and taking names tonight until I realized that it's college night on Jeopardy, hence the easy questions, hence my invincibility.

E is sitting here telling me that if I hit "Jennifer Garner status" with my bod and this new workout fad I'm on (or, "Kelly Ripa status," alternately), then I'm good. Well, he started to tell me that but then I lost him at Jennifer Garner, his eyes trailed off somewhere in the distance and he got this little grin on his face. Darn you, Jennifer Garner. Darn me for liking you too. You seem like such a nice person. A nice person with some GUNS. Totally see why E can't finish a sentence if you're in it.

Speaking of JG, did you see The Invention of Lying? It was a totally different role for her, but I liked the movie. It ended up being much more thoughtful than I anticipated, but it was also just really funny in a few parts. Of course we've been following JG since her Alias days of Run Lola Run pink hair and pulling out her own teeth. Fierce.

Last night's Lost-stravaganza still has me reeling a little bit. I had the same experience once I caught up to the rest of the world and had to read the Harry Potter books in real time--pauses between installments and all. I'm going to have a tough time watching this show all spread out like this. I both love and hate that. It will make the season go longer, but it will make the season go longer. Urg.

I got to bed last night way too late--had to watch The Biggest Loser after the giant WTF that was Lost--so tonight I'm trying hard to stick to my schedule. I did Day 3 of P90X, arms and shoulders + Ab ripper, and I know tomorrow is going to be a beast. It's a good hurt, and a good tired, but this week is killin' me.

Did you know it is a three day weekend, though? I don't give two craps about the Superbowl (sorry--or the Olympics, just puttin' that out there) but I figure this weekend will be nice and relaxin'. Looking forward to it. Till then I'm just gettin' my dirt outta Boss Keane's ditch.

*sigh* Miss you, Paul.

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  1. OH MY GOD. Paul Newman. You posted a picture of the late, great, hot as hell Paul Newman. Good call, P Dawg. I bet he tasted as good as his dressing. Wooooweee, he was handsome even as an old guy.