Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Finds

In the spirit of Twitter's Follow Friday, (are you following me yet?) here are some Friday Finds in blog world. I love blogs. I love being able to wake up every day and read a customized "newspaper" of articles, journals, and perspectives that I choose. I am always updating and changing my Google Reader to reflect whatever suits my lil' fancy. I thought I'd share some of the sites with you that I always read first. Here are some oldies plus a few new goodies:

The Liz Army
Liz was a fellow student at my high school and though we weren't close, we had overlapping friend circles. She is quirky, hysterically funny, and so smart. She brings all of this to her blog which details her life and treatment for brain cancer. Though you might have doubts about reading something that seems so heavy, she brings a natural curiosity and sense of humor to her posts that makes them so interesting for me to read. I find myself drawn to her story.

Happy Owl Crafts
This isn't a blog, but it's also by a former high school classmate, Erin. She just opened an Etsy shop full of adorable, Anthropologie-inspired head, hand-crocheted headwraps. She lives in Alaska and she's an awesome Yoga-doing, crocheting, teaching, bohemian mommy. Be sure to check out her new Etsy store.

Sola Fide
I guess I'm on a roll of posting blogs from people I know. Tonja's blog is well-written, honest, and funny... it chronicles her quest to get healthy--and who among us can't identify with that? She just started blogging, but I've been a faithful reader ever since. She's currently doing some kind of uber-healthy cleanse... scary. Work it out, girl.

The Kind Life
Of course this blog is totally not from anyone I know, but it's one of my new loves. Alicia Silverstone (of Clueless fame--as if!) has a blog where she details her crazy healthy life--she's a vegan superhero, but there are enough things there for us omnivores that I find a lot of inspiration too. She was on Oprah the other day and I stumbled upon her blog from there. I like it.

Dispatches from the Island
And while we're on the subject of celebrity blogs, here's Jorge Garcia's--you know, Hurley from Lost?--which I totally enjoy. Jorge seems like a cool guy. His posts are usually short and I just dig them.

The Everyday Food Blog
Yep, by MARTHA. I love the magazine and cookbooks. The blog is just more of the same.

While My Boyfriend Was Sleeping
Heidi, who calls her blog "Lance" because she doesn't like the word blog. One of my faves. A definite "read first" for me. I will link to her even though she's not "Lancing" lately very much since she's writing a book. Well la-ti-dah. Just kidding, Heidi. I still love your Lance.

Travelin' Oma
a book lovin', travelin' grandma + a blog = wonderful. So thoughtful. Such good writing. Such a nice person!

Tracy On the Cheap
Tracy On the AMAZING, you mean. Simple fashion posts on a shoestring. Love it.

Cake Wrecks
Yes, Cake Wrecks. Again. Just in case you weren't paying attention to the rest of the world for the last year. Funny.

Brunch At Saks
Cutie patootie Annemarie, a former student. The one who taught me how to write code for websites. And oh, she's so stylish and polished. Love her blog.

That's a good list to get you going, right? What are some of the blogs you read first every day?


  1. You made my day!!
    Thanks for the links...I just spent a while on Liz's blog and will be back to read more.
    Oh, BTW, those flats you bought are divine. I want them, too. Maybe I'll blog about them to reduce the shoe envy I'm feeling.

  2. And you made MY day too! And here I was, just posting about how irritated I am and then I go and read that you like my blog. They like me. They REALLY like me! Thanks SO much!

  3. You linked to Lance! I'm blushing! I'm also punching myself in the face because I'm so far from writing a book right now. I'm so, so far. And now I think I may have accepted more freelance work. It's so HARD to turn down paying assignments. SO SO SO HARD. My head says "take on more work," but my heart says, "run away to the woods and write 300 pages." Purge. Purge.

    But alas, it's Thursday night and I'm sitting in bed writing about another ballet dancer.

    Thank you so much for the kind words.