Monday, February 08, 2010

Day off.

Not much to say tonight. I was a bit of a hermit this weekend and pretty much just withdrew into my home. It's totally become my happy place and this year I've really changed--I don't feel guilty at all for wanting to be all about home, family, cooking, and rest.

E and I discussed our mountains and mountains of debt tonight, who we're paying off first. That makes us sound like we have to pay off our bookies or something, but really it's just people who were helping us get through.

Monkey bath time. Yes, they do get washed every once in a blue moon.

Miss Roodle. My hands still smell like coconut from washing her hair with monkey shampoo. :) It has been a great little lazy day.

Things I'm musing about/ working on:

New Unsolicited Advice, a day late and a dollar short
My trip to the Chinese Reflexology Massage Place, where I got beat on for an hour
Several of our latest fights (yes, working on the fights and the posts about the fights--err--discussions)
Eating well/ being cranky

Have a peaceful Monday night!

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