Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chevy's and Survivor, or: Why I am stuck in the year 2000.

I've been carrying around a coupon for Chevy's for about three days. I know that doesn't exactly cry "spontaneity!" but I'm hopeful it's going to pan out. Here's the deal, though. I still love Chevy's even though that's so not 2010 of me. I'll shout it from the mountaintops: CHEVY'S IS SOME SERIOUS GRUB! Unfortunately for my ├╝ber-chic sensibilities about the pulse of society, I seem to be one of only three people left in the Chevy's fan club (shout out to fellow members Aunt Cath and Uncle Tom!). How did that happen? Come on, world. We used to love Chevy's. Remember the 90's? Chevy's was the bomb.

(Also not 2010 of me? Calling something the bomb.)

Now everyone's all it's not even real Mexican food. Um, were we ever pretending it was real Mexican food, guys? It's a chain restaurant in a small town. Are you under the illusion that TGI Friday's is haute cuisine? That when you go out for Chinese in a strip mall and order the #4 combo that you're getting a meal straight out of Beijing? And I know it is a sin to write this, but one of everyone's favorite places--Chipotle--is a far cry from real Mexican food itself. But being an imitation or a hybrid doesn't mean you can't be damn tasty. I submit into evidence: Exhibit C, Chevy's. I know all the haters have moved on to BJ's or some other flavor of the week and I basically can't ever find someone who wants to go with me to Chevy's, but I still love it. (Don't get me wrong, I'll hit up any restaurant in a ten mile radius. I just love food.) I love Chevy's. I don't care if that makes me a throwback. Give me a 32 oz. tub o' margarita and a Mixed Grill fajita and I am one happy camper.

Fun fact: I was a waitress at Chevy's after college, and people would come in sometimes and order a fajita, only they'd pronounce it fuh-jie-tuh. YEP, THEY SURE DID.

It follows, then, that I feel similarly about Survivor. Remember the early 2000's, when Survivor was all the rage, and all anyone could do was talk about what Colby did or how Ethan was too nice to win or Richard spent too much time being naked? Remember? Well I'm still hangin' on. Survivor is like a lousy boyfriend to me at this point--only good to me once every few months or so--but I can't let go.

I'll admit it, most of the recent seasons have been filled with nameless stereotypes: hot guy, bikini girl, alternative tattooed/pierced girl, etc. Last season's Russell was the closest thing to a character that's been on in a while but that felt forced by editing. Still, I watch. (Bonus points if you caught that Maya Angelou allusion. Pour Ms. Angelou. Didn't mean to drag you into my Survivor post.) I don't care that these people are chosen specifically to argue with each other. I don't care that Jeff Probst has been reading from the same script for ten years. I don't care that the viewer gets hit over the head with third-grade symbolism of fire and idols. I don't care. I'm going to keep watching.

But you know when I love Survivor the best, recently? When it's an all-stars show. (Now, "stars" seems to be a loose term when used in this context. I have my doubts about some of them.) The part of Survivor I generally like least in any season is the beginning when I don't remember who anyone is; I'm just waiting for the old guy and then the annoying middle-aged woman to get picked off first. I like the show once I get to know who people are and I get to watch them sneaking around lying to each other and trying to do simple math about votes. That's my fave.

The best thing about an all-stars show is that the personalities are built in. I'm digging Heroes vs. Villains. Jerri Manthey? Got it. Coach. Heck yeah, Dragon Slayer. Boston Rob? Bring your hat. Rupe? You go, Rupe! Work that beard. I'm thoroughly enjoying my anachronistic reality TV program, and I don't care if that makes me a cultural Miss Havisham.

I can still fist pump with the best of 'em.


  1. I love Chevys! And I'd totally go with you!

  2. I an not going to lie.... I go to Chevy's at least 3 times a month... I know, I know... It's bad to eat out so much, BUT I always have a coupon, therefore, I never feel bad! I even went there for lunch today! MMMMMM MMMMM GOOD!!
    Enjoy your Chevy's and be proud! :)

  3. I totally know what you mean about Chevy's. I miss that restaurant quite a bit now that I've moved to a Chevy's-free state. Even though I know it's not "real Mexican", like you said, it's way tasty and I try to go there each time I go back home. Chevy's on the river anyone?!

  4. Chevy's happy hour was the best thing that ever happened to me during college. I love Chevy's!!!!!! I will go at anytime!

  5. Survivor gripe: I find it amazing how many itty bitty titties pop out of string bikinis on that show. I'm sorry, but if I were competing in an immunity challenge, my swimwear would have SUPPORT and COVERAGE.

  6. How the hell did that post as C. Flower? Bah. Anyway, It's Heidi.