Friday, February 12, 2010

Ask me anything.

Enough of that serious stuff. (Well, unless that is where you want it to go!)

Something new...

I have a Formspring page. Basically it's a blank box where you can ask me anything anonymously. Check it out. If I get some good Q's, I'll give you my honest A's. :) Come on, ask me anything.

You can click here or you can enter something in the box below.

That's some bangin' hair.

So, apropos of nothing... I had the weirdest dream on Wednesday night:

I was me, now, but I was scurrying through the streets of Disneyland trying to make it to the parade start so I could meet up with our school band (not that I've ever been in a band). I had my arms full with a heavy blue polyester band uniform, and I eventually tracked down my administrators and some band parents, who were waiting at the start. Once I found them, I found out I was late for the parade. We started to track up a busy main street through a heavy crowd (along the ice cream parlor side, for you fellow Disney nerds). I made my way up to the front of the street, where I found Jonathan Anton waiting for me in a salon (right about where Walt's apartment is above the fire station). Jonathan was going to make me over, and he started with injecting my gums and bleaching my teeth. Total grossness for a dream. I hate tooth dreams. Anyway, right before he was about to color my hair, I woke up. The end.


  1. As a former band nerd who has played in the Disneyland parade, I can tell you that this is all wrong. The parade sets up at the back of the park in Fantasyland and ends at Main Street.


  2. I CONSTANTLY dream that I'm best friends with Jennifer Aniston. What does that mean? I'm always hanging out with Jen and Courtney (Cox). We're always telling inside jokes, cooking dinner together, telling jokes, shooing our husbands away. Just me, Jen, Courtney like three hens in some kitchen in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean.