Saturday, January 09, 2010

To do list: Sunday

1. Church it up
2. Dishes/ get rid of whatever is decomposing in the trashcan
3. Put away Christmas, pout about it
4. Take a nap
5. Make some raspberry (or orange-cranberry?) scones
6. Clean the bathrooms, even (bleh) the showers
7. Vacuum, make awesome vacuum marks, make awesome footprints in vacuum marks
8. Crochet the thing I'm supposed to be crocheting
9. Read
10. Plan dinners for the week and remember to defrost something for Monday
11. Make lunches
12. Sit up/ push up - a respectable number of each
13. Check Monday's weather
14. Make sure running clothes are clean
15. Go to bed at a decent hour


  1. WOW that's ambitious!!! Good luck! And hats off to you for accomplishing all you set out to do! ;-)

  2. Way too much! You gotta cut down.

  3. Maybe I should have called it the "if I had all the time in the world" list. I'm mostly planning on #1 and #4.

  4. #1 i dont want to hear about your scone making festivities anymore. i dont have an oven therefore you should not have one either (unless of course weekly scones are sent. then, by all means...)
    #2 regarding reading, as i think you are aware, my family was very generous this christmas and all pitched in to get me nook. i am in love. the reviews are a bunch of poop.
    #3 the only good thing about vacuuming is stepping on the newly vacuumed carpet and making foot prints. i'm glad we're on the same page.
    #4 push-ups? wow! i dont think i can do those.
    #5 want to know something gross? we dont have dryers here or indoor heating. sooo i get to wear my running clothes multiple times because drying newly washed clothing literally takes 7+ days.
    #6 sleep is for losers. just kidding, i dont have a job. i get to sleep a lot.

    <3 <3