Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some stuff that doesn’t fit under a witty title

I realized yesterday that I haven’t blogged about my other favorite Christmas present yet…


Remember last year when I was turning 30 and I had almost no pictures of myself with my children (because I’m always the one behind the camera)? And then remember when we hired Carmen Salazar to take some portraits and she blew our socks off with the pictures she took one day in Old Sacramento? And then remember how E couldn’t find a job and we got really poor so we couldn’t afford to buy any of those pictures? Well my Christmas (and future birthday) present from his mom and dad (Meem and Pop, to Hank and Roo) was this GORGEOUS 20 X 30 print. I lurrrrrrve it. Seriously. We’ve never had anything like this before. E says I stare at it more than our real kids right now. It’s amazing. I’m so happy. I can’t wait until E and I can afford a few of the other ones to go with it, but it is exactly what I dreamed of. I wish we looked like this in real life!


Tonight Roo and I continued our journey through my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook with some lemon-blueberry scones. I know we made lemon-blueberry muffins the other day, but we have lemons and blueberries on hand, okay? Plus I know people around here will eat those too. They are so great! I didn’t manage to keep from crushing the blueberries, so they have a purple tinge, but they taste so yummy I don’t care. I’m sorry about the shadow in the front of the pic, and yes that’s a bag of Winco Tootie Fruities (AKA Froot Loops) that come in a bag… but seriously people, that bag of cerealy goodness is only like $1.71 at Winco. No lie. They don’t even charge the $1.99 advertised on the weird bag of cheap cereal. I’m such a nerd for Winco right now.

boysAlso, there’s a lot of this going on right now. We moved the Wii into our bedroom so Henry could play in there and we could still watch TV out in the front room. Guess what happened? We all just hang out in there now. *sigh*

You can’t see it too well, but just behind Henry on my nightstand, next to the GIANT GREEN CUP from which I gulp, is the book I just finished, The Lacuna. You’ll remember that it was a surprise gift from a blogger buddy, and it happens to be by my favorite author, Barbara Kingsolver. I promised ML she could borrow it once I’m done, so hey, IT’S YOUR TURN, ML! I’ll try to pass it on to B at work!

I really liked The Lacuna. I feel like I’m seeing Kingsolver’s style evolve, and that makes my little English teacher heart go pitter-pat. She’s always had an interesting way of looking at point of view (just skip to the next paragraph if you’re barfing from my profuse utilization of literary terminology) and that’s one of the things I’ve always liked about her novels. This novel almost felt like a scrapbook—it was meant to be the melding together of different sources from a writer’s life. Some sections were journal entries from him as a kid, some from when he was an adult and a writer, some were newspaper articles from that time period. Of course it was fictional, but it was mixed in with a lot of history, almost Forrest Gump-style, as I mentioned before. He ends up interacting with Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Leon Trotsky, and HUAC during the McCarthy era. It also had the most beautiful extended metaphor carried throughout. (Though I won’t say too much about that… don’t want to spoil it for ML or anybody else.) It was wonderful. I highly recommend it.


So just to the right of that ginormous green cup, there’s this. I don’t think I’ve put a picture of this guy up yet, either. My new (to me) treadmill. Last night I got my run on while I got my Fatties on (The Biggest Loser—love it) and I was in heaven. I’ve used it a few times this week when it was too dark to run outside. Um, can I tell you something? I know you can keep a secret, internet. I suck at the treadmill. When I run outside, I run about a 11:00-13:00 mile, 13:00 being on long runs and bad days… On the treadmill, 15:00 is kicking my trash! What the feez? I mean I don’t really care too much about time, just miles, but it just makes me shake my head. It could have something to do with the incline? I read that to simulate running outside you should run on an incline of 1.0. Maybe that’s too much and I’m making it way too hard? Who knows. You probably know as much about this as I do. Anyhoo, I’m thrilled to have options. (And behind the treadmill, that colorful thing? That’s my painting that we took down in the dining room so we could hang my new picture. It’s leaning up against the slider until we have painted bedroom walls upon which to hang it.)


I thought I’d put this up too… Mr. Hank snapped this while he was playing on my iPhone this afternoon. We were waiting in the car for Roo to get out of school. You know, most pictures of me I don’t like—it never seems to look like what I think I actually look like. This one does, though. It’s not anything super pretty, but I think it looks like me. It’s realistic, so it was an oddity. (He took it in the Camera Bag App, on “1961.”)

While we were sitting there, I asked Henry if he wanted me to send a text message to Daddy telling him how his first day at his new babysitter’s house went. He said sure and he dictated a message to me. Once I was done, he said “okay Mom, now send the same thing to Mimi. Just copy and paste.”



  1. Hooray! Can't wait to read it! Love the "copy and paste" - C likes to tell me "just minimize it mommy" all the time. These little guys are going to pass up my technological skills by the time they are 5! I LOVE the picture too - that's great!

  2. I think it is so hilarious all the technology that we have nowadays, and how even all the young children know about. I the olden days, we had FILM for cameras. Can you believe that? And now, you take a picture of a 2 year old and they ask to see it. And they know that they can already see it without having to wait.

  3. Tell Henry I'm waiting for him to send the message to me too.

    Henry's other Grandma

  4. That is a gorgeous picture of you and your family! What an awesome Christmas gift!

  5. That print is amazing! What a great memory to have. :-)
    I also love the photo of E and Hank - Hank's got a great look on his face (as always). And I like what E's doing to his hair.
    The photo of you is absolutely adorable - you're so pretty!

  6. Winco has become a lifesaver to us! If there is anywhere to cut back, it's groceries. If your up for the drive, Winco in Folsom is wonderful. I think we may start going there and Costco 2x a month. By the way, your family portrait is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. @ML--that's FUNNY. How does he know 'minimize'? OMG!

    @Jeannette Addie was the worst about that when she was little. She wanted to see it INSTANTLY.

    @Mom--you got to see him 5 minutes after that happened! What do you want him to text you for? I'll have him create something new just for you. ;)

    @Annemarie Thanks. :) I love it.

    @Katie--thanks for noticing his hair. I took charge on Christmas day and styled it, and he's been doing it the same way since. I really like him with long hair but he's never known what to do with it. I think he looks great with it like that.

    @MrsPink I love Winco. It has been a lifesaver lately. Seriously.

  8. Whenever I see a picture of you and your family, I think: she looks too young to have kids that walk and talk and take iPhone pictures.

    Also: I've been bopping around your blog, reading mega-old posts. Keep up the good work, kid.

  9. Your family picture is stunning! You are so ambitious about running, exercising, reading, etc! I am very impressed.