Tuesday, January 12, 2010

so, um.

So, um... I went for a run today. I mean, I was exhausted when I got done with work and I'm feeling the cringe-worthy effects of no caffeine for two days (read: a little teensy bit irritable with legs of jello) so why not go for a run? No small run, either. I'm talkin' 'bout a put-on-your-fleece-'cause-you're-going-out-in-the-rain-and-hauling-your-sorry-patoot-to-the-park-and-back-run. Nothing like those little 4 mile treadmill jaunts of late. I honestly don't know what possessed me. I was hungry and tired and--wait, I know. I was alone. The monkeys were with Grandma for some special time at the bounce house place. I had two hours of freedom.

I haven't run outside since that horrible run with Calvin, but I found my old groove, Stella style. Okay--NOT--not really Stella style, since Taye Diggs wasn't there, and basically the plot was entirely different, but you feel me. Though I claim not to mind or pay attention to them, I have been really frustrated lately with my times on the treadmill. It seems like I can't keep up nearly the same pace when I run on it as I can outside. Today I proved to myself that I'm much more motivated when I'm outside. Also, say, if it starts raining at mile 3.5 and I have the same distance stretching ahead between me and my warm shower at home. Oops.

Long story short, I made it and I had a good time. I averaged 12:30 which is right in my happy zone, and I didn't kill myself to do it. I walked a whole bunch because I'm still worried about my shins and my left ankle. Oh, and I was worried about the piles and piles of wet muck on the sidewalks and roads. Didn't want to fall. We all know I have a hard time putting one foot in front of another while it's dry--didn't want to chance it. There was an ill-fated "I'm going to be a runner" attempt somewhere in the neighborhood of 2003 or 2004 that was thwarted by a rainy day, a puddle, and a really crackin' fall on my arse. I didn't want a repeat performance.

Of course I love the treadmill for convenience and warmth and the fact that there's no gut-covering required when I run, but I was missing some of the benefits of running that I'd found in the great outdoors. As great as the main boulevard of our swingin' little town can be, I suppose. I found the winter landscape much more enjoyable than I would on a normal January day because by the time I reached the park I had been running for about a half hour. I was my own heat source. There's nothing like the cold to ruin a good winter day. I found that sense of calm I haven't had while I've been pounding out the miles while I try to read the subtitles to "Brothers & Sisters." (But seriously, can they almost kill Kitty any more times on that show? For the love of Mike, that family has more misfortune than any family I've ever known.)

It was happenstance that I was able to go today and I'm glad I didn't overwork it in my brain planning a long run all day. That might have ruined it. I just got home and I took off. I left a note for nobody in particular just in case I got raped or murdered or dragged off into the Big-O tires, and I just left. Felt good. Felt real good.

So if you'll excuse me now, I'm having some SEVERE LOWER LEG TRAUMA. I think it might be time for some ice. Some new shoes as well, but I shudder to think about the toll that will take on next month's newly awesome dual-incomed bank account. Have a lovely night.



  1. Good job getting out there. I ran 4.4 mi on Sunday and am still feeling the pain. But I can't imagine 7! Congrats and keep at it.

  2. I just love reading your blog. Makes me laugh every time, sometimes due to circumstances, sometimes out of poignancy. You are a fine, fine writer. Must've had some good teachin'!

  3. Good job!!! I love running when it's cooler out too.

  4. WTH? Is your blog finally popular enough to get spammed now?

  5. I fixed it. Aaaaaaand now we're turning on comment moderation.