Saturday, January 30, 2010

Que Bueno

Ugh. My yucky tummy.

Apparently steak + shrimp + caesar salad + tummy that hasn't eaten much more than chicken in some time = blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm still trying to decide if it was worth it. Also I think that going to dinner someplace where 99% of the servers are former students contributes to the bleh. And let's not mention that I had Apple Jacks for breakfast and Taco Bell for lunch. OOPS. I believe they call this binge eating.

Today I took Mom cheap grocery shopping at Winco--she's never been. Mom's a self proclaimed "brand snob" so I'm not sure she got the full benefit of the Win, but she did leave with a cart full for $150. I'm willing to bet it's cheaper than her normal bill. It was nice to spend time together. She then took me to a different store, Grocery Outlet, where she needed to get some cheese. I'm not generally one for a special trip for cheese, but I guess if you needed some $1.50 brie or $2 smoked gouda for a party it'd be worth it. She sent me home with a pack of muenster, which in itself feels like some kind of special cheese treasure. Lis is the cheese lover in the family, but I run a close second, my preference for the stinky and moldy edged out only by her proclivity for things like EZ Cheese, Velveeta and Costco-sized Que Bueno. Actually, Lis will eat anything cheese related. ANYTHING.

E and I are watching sophomoric but funny movies and enjoying our lazy little Saturday. Just like when I go on summer vacation each year, I keep forgetting that we're okay now--that we have his paycheck in the bank and we're going to pay all our bills, no problem--and every time I remember, it's wonderful all over again.

Que Bueno.

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